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auto repair newsletter Laurel MD 20723

Car Repair Micro Chips Scaggsville / Fulton

Car Repair Micro Chips Scaggsville / Fulton 20759

Micro chip shortage for car repairs are effecting people's choice to buy a new car or keep the one they have. We strive to keep your car on the road for as long as you like. Car repairs may be the best option with the car micro chip shortage

Car Repair Toyota, Honda, Chevy Mechanic Scaggsville / Fulton

Toyota, Chevy, Honda Dealership Alternative, Scaggsville Fulton 20759

We bring car repairs for most any make, model and year. The great news for Toyota, Honda, Chevy and more models is that we are a great dealership alternative. Since the 1970s we've been repairing those makes and modes in Scaggsville and surrounding areas of Fulton Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville, Columbia and Laurel. If you are looking for a Honda dealership alternative consider our warranty of 36 months / 36,000 miles. You will be hard pressed to find a Honda dealer with a warranty as good as that. Chevy mechanics have to know a wide variety of models, we can bring trusted Chevy repairs for your Chevrolet.

Auto Repair Honda CRV, Accord, Civic, Chevrolet Trucks, Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, GMC Yukon, Denali Mechanic - Fulton Maple Lawn Farms

Some of the more popular Honda models include the CRV, Accord and Civic. We know these models inside and out and bring money saving repairs on these models on a regular basis. Chevy truck models including; Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, GMC Yukon, Denali all come into our car repair shop regularly. Drivers need car repairs from Fulton and Maple Lawn and trust our decades of experience, 5 star reviews and industry leading warranty. Give us a call and get to know us for all your car repair needs. Professional, family values come with every car repair.

Car Tires, Brakes Inspections, Wipers Scaggsville / Fulton

Car Tires, Brakes Inspections, Scaggsville Fulton

With the latest in snow, ice and rain your car will best tested. Having a well functioning car can make the difference. After an accident one of the most common "low scoring" / "worn out" parts are tires. When tires have worn and tread is low traction is poor and losing control is more apt to happen. We can help with our ability to sell, service install, mount and balance tires in Scaggsville and surrounding areas of Fulton Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville, Columbia and Laurel. It's a short drive to our shop and having ASE trained Master techs on hand to help with your tires means superior service. Getting the right tire installed correctly is key to keeping your car in good shape.

Your car's brakes importance goes without saying in most cases. Brake performance is key to keeping control and stopping distance / time. Not to mention how annoying squeaking, grinding rusted, worn brakes are to hear and feel. Our Scaggsville / Fulton mechanics can help with all your brake needs. Car inspections are also quite common this time of year. When a vehicle changes hands most cases a Car inspection is needed in Maryland. Give us a call or schedule your appointment online for your Maryland State Car Inspection

Car Repair 30 Year Anniversary, Scaggsville / Fulton

Car Repair 30 years Experience Fulton Location

The year 2021 makes our 30th year as a trusted car repair shop in Scaggsville / Fulton 20759 serving local towns like Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville and Laurel. We are very thankful for all the customers who have entrusted us with servicing their vehicles. We're also thankful for the great technicians who have been added to the staff over the 30 years. Performing brake repairs and selling tires have perhaps helped keep us all a little safer on the local roads. From the simple oil change and Maryland State Car Inspection to the complex engine and transmission repairs and replacements we are thankful for your trust.

Car Repair Shop Toys for Tots Drop Off Location, Scaggsville / Fulton

Car Repair Toys for Tots Fulton Location

This year's "Toys for Tots" collection is just about over. The last day is Dec 18th, 2020. Thank you for all who have stopped by and dropped off a new, unwrapped toy. Thanks to all who will before Dec 18th.

Car Repair Reviews Importance Fulton, Scaggsville

Car Repair Reviews Columbia 21046

With more and more people checking reviews it is more important than ever to be sure your reviews can be seen. We are very thankful for all the reviews which our customers have written. Car repair reviews can be "telling" in many ways. We have always had a "Family Values" focus on our service. Being in touch with customers and great communication is important to providing the repairs that people expect. We encourage people to get to know us. Being trusted with car repairs for Fulton, Scaggsville and surrounding areas for decades is important to us. You will notice most of the same people are here year after year. Some mechanics do move away and change is inevitable but we focus on great care and low turnover. If you are looking for a car repair shop in the Scaggsville / Fulton / Maple Lawn area give us a call. Ask and learn about how we can help with repairs like brakes, tires, alignments, engine, transmission, oil changes and many more. From the simple to the complex our ASE Certified techs look forward to helping and hearing your reviews. Check out our car repair reviews.

Car Repair for Fall Scaggsville, Fulton, Burtonsville

Car Repair Fulton, Burtonsville 20868

As fall turns to winter more drivers from places like Burtonsville, Scaggsville and Fulton come into our shop for car repair and maintenance. This week we have seen many come in for tires. Having a good grip on the road is important as cold and wet weather conditions make traction more challenging. Having those tires sold, installed, balanced, mounted and rotated on a regular basis means better control. The advantages of having a car repair shop with ASE Certified Master Technicians means more great insight and advice for you. We bring Car Repair with experience dating back to the 1970s. If you are looking for a trusted mechanic then give us a call and learn about our shop which many choose as a car dealership alternative. Personal service with polite and professional repairs with tons of experience, state of the art computerized diagnosis equipment and amazing results in car repairs. car repair shop for Burtonsville 20866 drivers.

Car Repair Dealership Alternative in Scaggsville, Fulton, Cloverly for VW DSG

Dealership Alternative Fulton, Cloverly 20723

Recently we had a new customer come in from about 13 miles away, with 15 minutes driving time. Why did the car owner decide to drive past several car repair shops and a dealership to come to our shop? They we not only comparing prices for their VW getting DSG "Direct Shift Gearbox" service. Number one, we have a better price than the dealership. Number two we offer a better warranty of 3 years / 36,000 Miles. Number three they got to know us, first on the phone and then in person. Having a local "mechanic" aka ASE certified Master Technician builds trust. Our customers see a minute amount of staff turn over at our car repair shop in Scaggville / Fulton. When you get to know your mechanic you know, that they know... about your car. Yes we keep state of the art, computerized records of your vehicle so that we know all there is to know about it. We have the latest in technology in diagnosis equipment. We also bring decades of experience and ongoing training to stay ahead of the technology curve.

We have NO reason to hide manufacturer flaws or poor engineering. Drivers of all makes and models love that there is a Dealership Alternative.

Get to know a local shop with mostly the same mechanics for decades. Read our 5 out of 5 star reviews from all across the net, ask friends and neighbors and see why so many are choosing our car repair shop for trusted automotive services instead of the local dealerships.

Car Inspection in Laurel MD 20723

Car Inspection Camper Vans, Westfalia, Westie in Scaggsville, Fulton, Laurel

Car Inspection in Laurel MD 20723

This year has been unique in many ways for car repairs in Fulton, Scaggsville, Highland, Maple Lawn, Burtonsville and the areas around APL (Applied Physics Lab). Many things have also stayed the same in car repairs, including Maryland State Inspections. The vehicle featured here is a "Westie / Westfalia / Camper Van." We provide trusted car inspections as a certified state of Maryland inspection station. More people are interested in camping and driving with the current state of the "New Normal." Being more remote also means a vehicle which is dependable. Our mechanics in Fulton, Scaggsville and surrounding areas know this first hand. We take many trips out of the area for fun, for pets, family, vacation and work.

More and more people are choosing campers, vans, conversions and even the time tested "Westie / Westfalia." We can help not only with the open and honest, inspection but also any needed repairs. Perhaps an older camper van needs a little brake repair, bearing or other repair and we can provide those solutions to keep your camping or vacation time a little more stress free. You can see even more about our Car Inspection in Scaggsville, for Maple Lawn and Fulton, 20759.

Car Inspection in Laurel MD 20723

Tire Offer/Special Savings extended to Aug 31 in Maple Lawn 20759, Fulton and near APL / Applied Physics Lab,

Car Tire Sale Special Coupon Extended Mechanic Fulton, APL 20759

The tire sale has been extended for Scaggsville, Maple Lawn, Fulton 20759, the Applied physics lab APL, and surrounding areas through Aug 31st 2020. Our car repairs include tire services like sales, mounting, balancing, alignments, rotation and more. If you are looking for tires this is a great sale combined with our tires services. With the summer travel and vacations in full swing your car's health is very important. Keep from a roadside breakdown and having to deal with towing and emergency services during this virus outbreak. We can help with all your car repairs in Fulton and surrounding areas. You can see all our specials, sales and coupons like our Tire Special Coupons near APL, in Scaggsville, Maple Lawn and Fulton, 20759.

Reviews of Mechanic Fulton, APL 20759

Oil Change Specials in Maple Lawn 20759, Fulton and near APL / Applied Physics Lab,

Oil Change Specials Mechanic Fulton, APL 20759

Oil Change in Fulton, Maple Lawn, Scaggsville, the 20759 zip code and near APL can come with high value and an ASE Certified Master Technician. You have a choice and don't have to rely on young techs at a quick oil place. Having an oil change at Thoroughbred means ASE Certified Master Technicians and a FREE 32 point inspection. That inspection is designed to inform you about the condition of your vehicle. This oil change and inspection allows you to plan for the future with the confidence that an experienced, ASE trained and Tested technician is working on your vehicle. If in the future you wish to have any maintenance done we can help and work efficiently to solve any issues you may encounter. Oil Changes are important to keep your engine running smoothly and reduce friction. However an oil change is also an opportunity to get the best information available. Our Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Mechanics near APL are proud to bring you open and honest car repairs and keep you informed to help you save money. You can often save a lot of money with repairs on time and within the manufacturer's guidelines. This oil change and inspection can help to keep you on schedule without pressure. You can find more coupons, specials and oil change offer info at Oil Change Special Coupons near APL, in Scaggsville, Maple Lawn and Fulton, 20759.

Reviews of Mechanic Fulton, APL 20759

Car Tire Sale and Specials Maple Lawn 20759, Scaggsville 20723, Fulton, Applied Physics Lab,

Car Tire Specials Mechanic Sccaggsville, APL 20759

Car tires are on sale / Special Scagsville, Fulton, 20759, Maple Lawn near Applied Physics Lab, aka "APL". The month of July 2020 we have specials for your car tires. We not only bring great deals and savings but we also have the ASE Certified Master technicians to aid in selecting, mount, install, aligned and balancing. Getting tires to properly fit and perform is not a simple process any more. Many factors go into tires and selecting the right one. Proper mounting and balancing can mean the difference between tires which perform well and last longer. When the wrong tire is used it can create a dangerous situation, however most times it simply means poor performance and poor wear. No need to worry about your tires when you save your money here at Throughbred Auto Care in Scaggsville. We have customers coming from places like APL (Applied Physics Lab), Fulton, Maple Lawn and much further like Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville and all of Laurel. With decades of experience we can solve the most complex and the simple car repairs. Give us a call and learn why so many of your neighbors and co-workers have chosen us. Learn more about our tire services and sales and repair mechanics near APL, in Scaggsville, Maple Lawn and Fulton, 20759.

Air Conditioning Car Repair Scaggsville, Fulton, APL, Maple Lawn

Car AC Repair Specials Mechanic Sccaggsville, APL 20759

Car air conditioning repair and recharge near APL, in Scaggsville, Maple Lawn and Fulton, 20759 can come with decades of experience. Our ASE certified Master techs use the latest training, equipment and materials like refrigerant R-134a and R1234YF to keep ahead of the A/C tech curve. We can work on the newest of vehicles and older models. When a car's air conditioning system is not working properly you will not stay as cool and comfortable as you can. When Maryland areas like Maple Lawn, Fulton, Scaggsville, Burtonsville, Highland and all the 20759 zip code get hot and humid the commute can be made worse when your A/C is not working. We can help with all your car's AC needs. Services like leak detection, compressor / condenser check and replacement to keep you running cool this summer. Give us a call for the best in air conditioning recharge and repair mechanics near APL, in Scaggsville, Maple Lawn and Fulton, 20759.

Brake Repair Fulton, APL, Maple Lawn

Car Brake Mechanic Fulton 20759

Brake repairs on Fulton cars come in many varieties. Many common brake repairs for Fulton are disc and drum pads and shoes. When repairs are waited on too long often other brake components are damaged. Those additional parts are needed to be replaced or repaired. Saving money with brake repairs works like just about all car repairs, on-time saves money. If you are putting off car repairs consider saving money with auto repair services on a regular scheduled maintenance. We build relationships with many local families, not only in Fulton but also Maple Lawn, APL Applied Physics Lab employees, Scaggsville, Burtonsville, Highland and Columbia MD. Those "lifelong" relationships mean a lot to us, being local mechanics. Technically we are ASE Certified Master Technicians but we still hear the term "Fulton Mechanic" just about everyday. Give us a call if you would like to make an appointment or stop by and meet us and learn more about our car brake repair mechanics in Fulton, 20759.

Open Essential Business COVID-19, Coronavirus Mechanic Scaggsville, Fulton, APL, Maple Lawn, Applied Physics Lab, Laurel -

We are open as an essential service in Maryland during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic. We are ready to bring car repairs for people needing a reliable vehicle for travel to the grocery for food, pharmacy for medicine and medical appointments. We are especially thankful to repair cars for the first responders and others like doctors, nurses, EMTs, police, fire and all. COVID19 car repair mechanic open Scaggsville, Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia Maryland.

Car Repair Fulton 20759

Car Mechanic Fulton 20759

We are about a mile from the border of Fulton MD. For decades we've been providing Fulton car repairs to local families and businesses. The geographic "center" of Fulton may be considered near the connection of Lime Kiln road and Scaggsville road right by the Post Office. This area of Fulton is less than 2.5 miles from our car repair shop. Not only are we close but we also offer a free shuttle service to and from the shop to Fulton, 20759. Over the decades we've installed a lot of tires, balanced, rotated and mounted many for lifelong customers. When people move into the area and need a Maryland state car inspection in Fulton they give us a call. Many are living in Fulton and work in local businesses like the Applied Physics lab. Others own classic or historic cars and want an experienced transmission and engine mechanic. Brakes repairs are also common repairs. When brake pads, shoes, calipers or rotors are replaced on time the savings and quality help to make repairs a higher value and low cost. If you are looking for a trusted, local Fulton mechanic with Family Values give us a call. Are you looking for a "Fulton Firestone Auto Alternative" with ASE Certified Master Technicians? We are the local car repair shop which helps to keep your money right here in the Fulton community instead of leaving for some far away corporation, states away. We're are happy to "shop local" and support our local economy - and we appreciate when local families come to our car repair shop for Fulton MD, 20759.

We're the local "car repair near me" Fulton, call (301) 317-7886.
Learn More about our Car Repair Fulton MD, 20759

Car Repair near APL Applied Physics Lab @JHUAPL

Car Mechanic Burtonsville 20866

We offer a big "Thank You" to all the APL (Applied Physics Lab) employees who trust us as their car repair facility. Our mechanics "ASE Certified Master Technicians" are glad to help with a 10% discount off labor for APL Employees up to $50. We offer our shuttle service to and from the shop to APL. You will probably meet our owner "Stephen Powell" on the shuttle ride. Many of the common car repairs we provide to APL employees are oil changes, brakes, tires, alignment, check engine light, hoses and belts. We occasionally are asked to solve complex car repairs associated with transmissions and historic cars for JHUAPL employees.

We're the local car repair shop near me APL. (301) 317-7886
Learn More about our Car Repair APL Mechanic near Applied Physics Lab

Car Repair Scaggsville 20723, Burtonsville 20866 - Winter 2019 / 2020

Car Mechanic Burtonsville 20866

The Winter is here in our local towns. Snow and freezing temperatures have already come to our car repair shoip in Scaggsville. Our mechanics in Burtonsville, Highland, Fulton and Columbia are helping drivers get ready for winter weather and holiday travel. Cold, snow and ice will test tire's gripping ability. Brakes need to be in great shape this time of year as well. Wipers are important to keep vision as clear as possible while driving through the snow and shorter daylight. Car windshield and other glass need to be working properly to help vision as well. Transmissions and engines fluids will be tested as they go to further extremes with freezing cold when sitting overnight. Those same fluids will go through the heat of driving and sitting in stop and go traffic. You may see water pumps fail with the cold. All fluids need to be up to strength and at proper levels to perform well in the extreme temps of winter. Tranfer case fluid, brake fluid, coolant and of course oil and oil filters all will be tested. Our Mechanics can help to bring your car repairs and regularly scheduled maintenance needs up to date. Have a little stress this holiday and winter season with a car which is ready for the winter weather. Experience peace of mind with our 36 Months / 36,000 Miles Car Repair Warranty.

We're the local car repair shop with Family Values. (301) 317-7886

Car Repair Scaggsville 20723 - Fall 2019

Car Mechanic Scaggsville 20723

Thank you to all the people who came out to the "NAPA Fall Check-Up." We enjoyed providing free checkups to the local drivers from towns like Scaggsville, Burtonsville 20866, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Laurel, 20777 Highland, Columbia and Clarksville, MD. Fall is an important time to check that your car is running properly. The fall trips often include holiday trips to enjoy time with friends and family. Those trips can be in a variety of weather and test your car's brakes, tires, battery, lights, engine coolant and much more. We were happy to help with provding free checkup for cars and trucks. We saw many old friends and met a few new ones.

If you are looking for car repairs we are local to towns like Scaggsville, Burtonsville 20866, Fulton, Maple Lawn, Laurel, 20777 Highland, Columbia and Clarksville, MD. These can keep you running and saving money through the fall, winter and well into the spring of 2020. We are a local automotive repair shop with impressive credentials like ASE Master Certifications. If you are looking for a trusted "mechanic" we welcome you to come and visit, get to know us and our history since the 1970s.

We're locally owned and operated with Family Values. (301) 317-7886

Car Mechanic Scaggsville 20723
Car Mechanic Scaggsville 20723

Car Repair Scaggsville 20723 - Spring 2019

Car Mechanic Scaggsville 20723

Spring in Maryland can go smooth with a few car repairs in Scaggsville. Our car repair experience can help. Warm weather has us driving more and enjoying the great times with friends and family. Gaining sunlight everyday through spring will mean fun in the evenings with activities. Drives and trips can be a little more peaceful when regularly scheduled maintenance is up to date. Without car services on manufacturer's schedule you are more likely to have a breakdown out on the road. A well prepared car and driver can help to make the spring go smoothly. We offer a free courtesy inspection with every repair to help inform you. When you know what is coming up soon, you can budget and make great decisions. From standard repairs like oil change, brakes and fluid flushes to tune-ups you'll drive with more confidence when you are prepared. We've been helping with repairs in local towns like Fulton, Burtonsville, Scaggsville, Highland, Columbia, Maple Lawn Farms and further. Since the 1970's we've been in the automotive field, providing trusted solutions and building a top notch reputation. If you are looking for a trusted mechanic give us a call. We're locally owned and operated with Family Values. (301) 317-7886

Tires on Sale & Car Repair Scaggsville 20723 - March 2019

Car Tires Sale Scaggsville 20723

With the Spring weather coming and going in March and ready for Spring travel in April our car tires sale is right on time. Save up to $130 on a set of Four, General/Continental Tires in the months of March & April! Perfect time to use that tax refund Check! With our in house $60 dollar & an Additional up to $70 rebate March 1st kicks off the first rebate from General/Continental for the year 2019.

Two levels of Rebate

Even More Tires Benefits

See more info on our Car Repair Coupons Page or give us a call for more Helpful details.

Cold Weather Car Repair Scaggsville 20723 - February 2019

cold weather car repairs Scaggsville 20723

Cold weather and shorter amounts of daylight has many people wanting to stay indoor sand put off car repairs in Scaggville, Columbia, Fulton, Highland and Laurel, MD. That cold weather may be keeping you indoors and warm but your car repairs should not be put off. When basic services like oil changes and fluid flushes are put off engine damage can occur. As a locally owned and operated, family run shop we look to build trusted relationships with all our clients. We want the lowest overall costs for your vehicle. Part of that is a little preventative maintenance. When windows stop working you mihgt be able to put off the repair. However we hope nobody rolls that window down and can't get it back up in these freezing temperatures and soaking rains and snow. Other repairs like oil and brakes should not be put off for a warmer day. Putting these off means that further damage can occur and costs go way up. We can services all your car and truck repairs with ASE certified Master Technicians and an industry leading 36 months / 36,000 Miles warranty. See more info on our Oil Changes or give us a call.

Car Battery and the Cold in Scaggsville 20723 - Winter 2019

car battery rebate sale Scaggsville 20723

Just like flashlight batteries your vehicle’s battery will wear out. So how do you know when & what causes it? First regardless of what you may have been told, anything over 5 years, (60 months) is exceptional life from a car battery. The size, location & temperatures also play a factor on the life of your battery.

Cold air "pulls the battery down" & makes even a new battery struggle. Yet the colder it gets, the harder it is to start an engine!

Let's talk terms as they apply to a vehicle's battery. The number 1 term to know is CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). Think of this as available power, every vehicle has a spec it needs to start, so I always recommend a CCA above the required amount needed to start your Vehicle. Let's say that your vehicle calls for 540 CCA. If possible we recommend 650 or higher. Think of it as you can lift 50 lbs, but you and your friend can easily lift 100lbs. A higher CCA costs only a couple dollars more at purchase time. If you have a lil' extra, when the vehicle sits outside for 3 or 4 days on a long, cold, snowy weekend, your vehicle will always fire up.

So how do your know the life expectancy of your vehicle's battery? There are codes on a battery that explain when it was made. Also there is hi-tech equipment that allows us to test the battery easily. The age along with test results tell us whether it is fine. Or it soon should be replaced. So we can test yours while you wait & thru the end of the month February 2019, NAPA has a Rebate we can offer to you to help out should your car battery need to be replaced. Come see Stephen or Jon & let us make sure you can start your car and save with a Rebate (301) 317-7886. To learn more about our car repairs in Scaggsville, Maryland take a look around the site. Learn more about Car Batteries

Car Repair and New Year Resolutions in Scaggsville 20723 - January 2019

car tire sale Scaggsville 20723

With the beginning of the new year often comes resolutions. Save Money is always high on the list. Being more efficient, better financial decisions and saving money are all great ideas. One of the best ways to do this is being organized on car repairs. Our service area has a lot of organized people in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia. We see them on a regular basis bringing their car in for regularly scheduled maintenance. When the car or truck manufacturer sets a schedule to keep the vehicle running well and lasting more miles with less overall costs it's a great idea to follow that. Sometimes it's as simple as oil changes and fluid flushes. Those are quite affordable and convenient because they can be planned with mileage and/or age. We get to help with a lot of those car repairs in Scaggsville, MD.

Another helpful step in keeping your resolution of saving money with car repairs is the planning. With repairs which are expected with use aka "wear" like oil changes, tires and brakes it's important to have the factory schedule plans in your mind so that you can plan for them. We offer two helpful steps to keep this running smoothly. One is our Maintenance Plans. The other is our Free / Courtesy checks / inspections for every vehicle which comes in for a service. When you come in for that oil change, brakes, tires or other service we perform this courtesy check so that you can know the upcoming services to help you be prepared, budget and save money. If you are looking to save money, invest wisely and enjoy the 2019 year give us a call or schedule you car repairs in Scaggsville, MD online with our trusted ASE Certified Master Mechanics.

Why Car Tires Lose Air in Scaggsville 20723 - Dec 2018

car tire sale Scaggsville 20723

So you head out to get in the car for the days work and your car's tire is low. Perhaps your car's dashboard lights shows the low tire air symbol. The worst case is that you get into your car and drive with tires at a low pressure and hear the "flap, flap" of a tire with too low air pressure. There are many reasons that a tire can lose pressure. This time of year with the cold temps our mechanics in see and hear these low tire pressure questions. We can help with tires loosing pressure as well as all your car repair needs in Scaggsville, Maryland.

Remembering science class will help us all understand that all tires loose tire pressure over time. "Osmosis or Permeation" does occur but this is rarely the case when you notice a low tire or dashboard warning light.
The more likely case this time of year is the cold temperatures cause the air to compress or contract. While this can be fixed with filling the tire to the correct pressure it may not be the only cause.
Tires will age and the rubber and other tire components can fatigue. When you own a car which doesn't see many miles this can happen as the years pass even though the tire has plenty of tread left. Tires do have a "date" associated with them. You can even see the aging of the tire in cracking on the outside of the tire.
Another reason is the obvious a leak from a tire puncture. Here in our local areas of Burtonsville, Scaggsville, Clarksville, Highland, Fulton and even Columbia Maryland has a fair bit of construction which produce many screws and nails. These can find their way onto our local roads and into our car tires eventually.
Yet another cause of low tire pressure is the tire valve stem. These stems can wear and begin to crack. A slow leak can happen and replacing the valve stem is needed to fix this issue.
Wheel rims can also be damaged and this allows for a small leak between the tire and the rim of the wheel.
Tire pressure monitoring system or (TPMS) can have a faulty sensor and give a false reading which comes into your car's computer and displays on the dashboard as a low tire pressure.

No matter the cause of a low tire pressure indicator we can help. As ASE Certified Master Technicians we can have been trained and stay up to date on the latest in automotive technology. We can help with the older, muscle cars, historic, hot rod and the newest models. We have a great access to tire sales and we also provide tire services from repair to mounting, balancing, rotation and keeping your tire pressure in check with high end precision. Give us a call or email for all you car repair in Scaggsville questions and maybe we'll select your question for a automotive news article in the future.

Car Tire Sale Nov 2018 in Scaggsville 20723

car tire sale Scaggsville 20723

Continental Tire has a Fall Promotion Going on and you can save here at our Car Repair shop in Scaggsville MD.

Combine this Continental Offer with our in house instant rebate and save $130-$160 total in November!

From November 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018, consumers who purchase four (4) Continental Tire passenger or light truck tires will receive a $70 Visa prepaid card. Additionally, consumers who purchase four (4) TerrainContactTM A/T tires will receive a $100 Visa prepaid card. Save money as you prepare for fall games, tailgates, and the upcoming holidays!

Now that summer has ended and fall is in full swing, it’s time to make plans for your holiday activities. A new set of tires will give you a confident and comfortable ride no matter where the road takes you. Whether you need all-season traction, best-in-class wet braking, or a quiet and comfortable ride For What You Do, Continental’s line of passenger and light truck tires are engineered to fit your needs.

The purchase of a set of Continental tires provides an extra measure of confidence because it is upheld by the Total Confidence Plan. This is a comprehensive package including: limited warranty, flat tire roadside assistance, customer satisfaction trial, mileage warranty (if applicable), and road hazard coverage.

Car Radiators Repairs, Leaks, Cap, Flush & Hoses in Scaggsville 20723

car radiator hose, cap, cost Scaggsville 20723

Fall in our areas of Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia can lead to radiator services. We all think about radiators in the heat of summer and the cold of winter but the fall is a great time to have that radiator flush. Coolant aka anti-freeze helps to regulate your vehicle's temperature. When a radiator hose leaks it quickly becomes an issue which can leave you on the side of the road with a emergency breakdown situation. The engine light will usually light and the steam coming out from under the hood will all point towards the radiator as a probable issue. The radiator cap should only be opened when it is cool enough to safely do so since scalding host coolant can spray and burn. A radiator flush can help to even save other internal components like your water pump. When coolant gets "old" and brakes down or corrodes it can effect the water pump as well. Having coolant flushed allows for the proper strength and checking on the other tell tale signs that an ASE certified Master Technician aka "Mechanic" can find and save you lots of money with a simple repair.

We can help with all your car repairs like an engine saving oil change to a complete engine replacement. We're ready to help with all your radiator services like Radiator replacement, repairs, leaks, hose cap and flush for Trusted Car Repairs in Scaggsville, Maryland. Give us a call 301 317-7886

Car Repairs - Late Summer in Maryland

car repair heat and humid Scaggsville MD

Summer seems to be holding on in central Maryland. Those temperatures can test your AC, tires and engine. With summer events and a hurried pace trying to "fit it all in" it may be time for a little service to save money. Sending kids off yo school, college and errands can take a lot of time and effort. Being prepared can make things go smoother and procrastination can mean mistakes and even roadside breakdowns. We all like to be efficient and productive. We often include this types in our New Years resolutions. We can help with getting you back on track for the end of summer and ready for fall events. See real peace of mind with our Industry Leading Warranty 36 months 36,000 Miles.
If you've put off the oil change, tires or preventative maintenance give us a call or schedule online. We've been helping motorists as their trusted mechanic in Scaggsville "aka: ASE Certified Master Technicians" for decades. We extend that same offer for a trusted relationship with you and your family. Being locally owned and operated we've sent kids off to school, sports, college and picked up the groceries in the local areas of Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia. Give us a call 301 317-7886

End of Summer and Back to School with Trusted Car Repairs in Scaggsville, Maryland

Car Repairs - Heat and Humidity in Maryland

car repair heat and humid Scaggsville MD

Heat and humidity has returned to Maryland and there are some common car repairs in Scaggsville. All across our service area of Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia cars are benefiting from preventative maintenance. Higher heat often means making the engine work harder by running the Car Air Conditioning. Which should be performing just fine. However, older cars with worn hoses, belts, thermostat, water pump and too much time between oil changes and radiator flushes can cause and engine to work harder than needed. In some cases overheat with a roadside breakdown. Nobody wants a breakdown at anytime but in the middle of Maryland's heat and humidity combined with rush hour is a terrible day. We can help with preventative maintenance.
Car repairs can save money and time when performed by your trusted mechanic aka "ASE Certified Master Technician." We keep up on our ongoing automotive training to bring you the best service as if you were a family member. We've been working on cars for decades and built quite the reputation. From car inspections to services to help the environment like our computerized analysis to help with tuning to help you pass emissions testing. We are experienced and have all the needed equipment for emission repairs. We can help with your oil change & A/C all the way to your engine and transmission repairs to help with the heat and humidity in Maryland.

Get ready for the heat and humidity with Trusted Car Repairs in Scaggsville, Maryland

Car Repairs Before Back to School

car repair before back to school Scaggsville MD

With plenty of time to get all the car repairs done before going back to school it is a good time to plan. Whether it's transporting the kids to school daily or sending a child off to college with the car it's important to be prepared. Being stuck on the side of the road when away at college is frustrating and can throw off anyone's schedule.
Perhaps an oil change, brakes or tires will help to make the semester trouble free. We also have the latest in technical automotive analysis and repair equipment to take a deep look into your vehicle before heading off to college. Having a little more peace of mind that you are prepared can help. Being locally owned and operated right here in the Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia areas we've sent our own children off to college and know the feeling. We can help with all your car repairs in Scaggsville MD.

Be ready for back to school with Trusted Car Repairs in Scaggsville

Celebrate a Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth of July Laurel MD
What could be more of a celebration of Independence than the American Flag, an American Corvette and a Convertible? We enjoy working on both foreign and domestic vehicles and keeping you safe on the road but we have to admit it is great to have a classic American muscle car in our Family owned and operated auto repair shop right here in Laurel, MD. The 4th of July holds a lot of great memories for us here at the shop like family and friends getting together for picnics with great food and conversations. Course what would the day be without Fireworks? The nice weather of Summer means that travel is a little easier and that brings newborn additions to families to the get togethers and of course that means special memories for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and extended family. Taking a classic car out for a drive with the top down at sunset is a great way to celebrate on this 4th of July 2018. We can help with all your car repairs in Scaggsville MD so you're ready for all this summer's travel.

To American's Everywhere Enjoy Your 4th of July from the Thoroughbred Auto Care Family

Mechanic News Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, - Ready to Travel?

Car Repair News Laurel 20723

You don’t have to be a Maryland resident to know that winters in the northeast can be rough much later into the Spring. Trips in the spring can take you to places which are still experiencing rough weather. While none of us intend to get stuck on the road during inclement weather, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your car is packed with some essentials, so that if an emergency were to occur you don’t have to go completely without. By getting a pack together at the beginning of the season and storing it in your trunk you can have peace of mind if you ever find yourself traveling while it’s snowing. After the initial packing you won’t have to do much else the following years, just take out and add supplies as you find necessary. Two of the most obvious essentials are food and water. The next things would be cold weather clothing- extra socks, gloves, and hats can be lifesavers. Throwing in a blanket wouldn’t hurt either. If you don’t want to commit to a full kit, but still want to have some tools, then buy an ice scraper, that’s something that can be helpful everyday in the winter, even after a frost or light snow.

Some things that are good to store in your car no matter the season are jumper cables, a flashlight, and a tool kit. You never know when they could come in handy. A radio and portable phone battery charger are also helpful. Keeping a kit in the trunk of your car can help you stay prepared in case of an emergency, no matter what time of year. If you find the pack to be too cumbersome, then store it in your garage during the off-season, and as soon as it gets colder or when taking a long trip and make sure to add it back in. Packing your trunk is an easy way for you to prepare in case of an emergency. There’s also ways your local auto repair company can help you prepare as well. To take steps to prevent a winter accident, bring your car into Thoroughbred Auto Care to make sure your vehicle is ready for the winter season and travel. We can give your vehicle a courtesy inspection to make sure that you’re ready to battle the season's weather or summer travel plans. We can check out your tires to ensure that they have enough tread so that you can easily maneuver through inclement weather. Without enough tread you can easily lose control of your automobile. Another item on the list is washer fluid. We can check that you have enough and that you’re using the right kind, so that you never find yourself with a lower level of visibility while driving. As a Maryland business we know that the winter weather can really take a toll on your car. To be proactive this winter visit our shop, so we can give your car a once over. We’re happy to service cars in Maryland from Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia.

Mechanic News Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, - Subscribe to a Car Monthly?

Car Repair News Laurel 20723

It turns out that magazines and newspapers aren’t the only things you can subscribe to. Many motor companies are now allowing car buyers to purchase vehicle subscriptions. From Ford to Cadillac, this new program is being used by mostly high end manufacturers. This new system will allow potential car owners to pay a per month fee. While this model works similarly to leasing an automobile, it is more of an all in one package, providing customers with insurance along with the car. One group that could benefit from vehicle subscriptions are people who live in cities. With so many public transportation options available they may be on the fence about purchasing their own automobile, but this could give them the opportunity to have a car for a short amount of time and see if it’s the right decision for them. While this program may not be available in every state, it’s an option for those living in major cities, like Los Angeles and New York City, depending on what brand of automobile someone is looking to buy. As expected monthly costs are high in exchange to change cars on an almost monthly basis.

For people in Maryland who are still looking for a more affordable car buying option, there’s always used vehicles available. Purchasing a pre-owned automobile can be daunting if you’re not sure what to look for, but we can help. Used cars legally have to be inspected by the seller before being sold, but it’s never a bad idea to take matters into your own hands and have the vehicle checked out by a group you trust. Our ASE certified Mechanics will perform a thorough, top to bottom examination of your potential automobile, looking for anything questionable. Our technicians follow the Maryland State vehicle inspections guidelines and will let you know if the car surpasses those standards or not. This check covers the vehicle from the brakes to the electrical system to the wipers. It's peace of mind to have the experience of our mechanics on your side. For those looking to purchase a car in the Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, or Columbia MD bring it in for an examination before making your big investment.

Mechanic News Scaggsville - Transmission Repairs

Stephen Powell Owner, along with my wife Donna, of Thoroughbred Transmissions & Autocare. Today I would like to talk a little about Transmissions. In 1980 I went to work for a local Chevrolet dealer rebuilding Transmissions. For those of you that have been around for a while, you may remember the originals failed often so I stayed very busy in the dealer. Mean time I was Racing & began building transmissions for my race cars and soon my name grew Quickly as the guy to get it done right the first time. As the side work grew I soon ran out of space at home & in 1991 Donna found our shop. We continued growing and while I still build all the racing & Classic car Transmissions. Most of our work is done using Jasper Re-manufactured units. You might ask, "Why?" Well to better service you, our clients. Warranty on these units is 3 years or 100,000 miles and its’s Nationwide & transferable should you sell the vehicle before 3 years has passed. This means it is a selling feature, adding value to your vehicle. After our staff toured the factory, we can share: they build a Fine product & we are proud to be a preferred installer for them. If you have questions on a transmission we have options, let us guide you. Thanks Stephen Powell. Video & more Transmission repairs in Scaggsville, Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia Maryland.

Mechanic News Scaggsville - New or Classic Cars

Calling ahead to reserve a table may be a thing of the past. Thanks to GM’s marketplace capabilities in new cars you won’t even need your cellphone to make a reservation. This new amenity, which uses the same screen as the car’s GPS and radio screen, will give drivers easy access to a preset list of restaurants and gas stations. With options for places like Dunkin’ Donuts and Shell, drivers will be able to easily purchase every commuter’s necessities- gas and coffee, right from a screen in the car. Not only does this supposedly make things easier, but it means you won’t need to use your phone while driving. GM’s steps into this new realm offer more possibilities for cars and take them above just being something used to get from point A to point B. While this new feature is definitely interesting, manufacturers have yet to make a car that can repair itself. Because of this, we’re still thriving. As new features and styles of cars come and go, our auto repair shop has always been here. For 24 years we have been fixing every make of car, from the newest to the oldest. We have experience in historic, classic, muscle, and hot rod cars, and have even repaired a Model T. There’s nothing more important to a car enthusiast than their car. Being trusted to repair vintage cars is something we don’t take lightly. No matter what year or brand your car is, we have a mechanic that can handle the repairs you’re requesting. We offer everything that your car could possibly need. Air conditioning and engine repair, tire sales, and oil changes are just a few of the many things we offer. Our loyal, Maryland customers in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia have been bringing their cars in for years. Whatever issues you may be having we have a qualified mechanic that’s ready to get you back on the road.

Mechanic's News - "Self-Driving / Driverless" Cars

Car Repair News Laurel 20723

Self driving cars? Autonomous Vehicles? Driverless Cars?
Welcome to the future of transportation. With the introduction of a simple app that connected riders to drivers, Uber was able to disrupt the market and forever change the way people used car services. With 24/7 access that allows users to request a ride with a few easy steps done through their app, Uber has made its mark. Now, the company has solidified a deal with vehicle manufacturer, Volvo. This partnership will combine Volvo’s automobiles with the autonomous driving technology that Uber has been working on. While the system is still a work in progress, the plan is that, once everything is figured out, Uber will implement the new tech in up to 24,000 Volvo cars. Uber is known for its business model that allows everyday people to become instant employees for the brand, driving and transporting users who they connect with through the company’s app. This possible change to self-driving vehicles will make for an interesting transition for the company and all of the drivers it has employed.

While this new deal is big news, Uber isn’t the first company to be experimenting with self driving automobiles. Other groups like Tesla, Google, and Ford have also done their share of research and development. The race to become the first to successfully introduce their technology is on. Who knows how long it will be until self-driving cars become a reality, but regardless of whether your car is autonomous or it requires a driver, all vehicles need maintenance. With over 14 years of experience in everything from air conditioners to tires, any issues that you’re having with your automobile we can fix. If you’re a Maryland driver in Laurel, Burtonsville 20866, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland 20777 or Columbia and your vehicle needs any number of car repairs, then make an appointment today to get everything squared away. Photo Credit:

Mechanic's News - Save Money - New Year Resolutions

Car Repair News Laurel 20723

Automotive news in Maryland would not be complete without a New Year's resolution on how to save money. With so many people making positive changes with the new year we talked around the shop and many mentioned saving money. A good way is to be prepared, it also helps to lower stress as planning for things means more control over your life. Auto repairs preventative maintenance can be a real money saver. A new engine, new transmission or expensive brake job can usually be avoided with simple preventative maintenance.
Many will remember 30, 60, 90,000 miles services for their Laurel Maryland vehicles. Many car manufacturers are extending those mileages and some will wonder if this is related to a marketing / sales technique. Only time will tell for many models. It is an expensive gamble to stretch maintenance on any mechanical device let alone one as important as your car, truck, van, SUV or other vehicle. Having a mechanic you can trust goes a long way to saving money and bringing stress reducing, peace of mind. As a locally owned and operated car repair shop close to Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia MD we know the importance of being honest and upfront with auto repair advice. We have been repairing cars since the 1970s, allowing us to build a reputation that has turned into a local family business in 1992. We've expanded and done well because we are here for the long haul and building trust with every service like brakes, oil changes, alignments, tires, wheel balancing, engine performance, emissions repairs and free courtesy inspections. With that we keep our customers happy and providing them with Money Saving, Honest communication on repairs and the condition of the vehicle.
If you are looking for a great way to fulfill and reach your New Year Resolution to save money consider a little automotive preventative maintenance. In the long run you will extend the life of your car. You might be surprised but we've seen the trend of lower overall costs when maintenance is done on a regular basis instead of waiting for that catastrophic emergency break down on the side of the road. Stay warm and Drive safely this New Year of 2018 in Laurel MD 20723.

Mechanics News Choosing the next Car to Purchase

Car Repair News and Buying a used car

At our car repair shop in Scaggsville our ASE Certified Master Technicians (you may think of us as old school car mechanics in Laurel as well - that's ok) get into discussions about the latest in Automotive news. We got on the topic of buying a car in Maryland. As everyone knows, purchasing a car is a big investment. With so many options on the market it can seem overwhelming. Potential buyers have to decide between color, size, and brand. Within recent years the choices have expanded to include deciding between gas, hybrid, or electric. While buying an electric vehicle has its obvious benefits it may not be as appealing to buyers as other alternatives.

A big factor is price. When purchasing an automobile and deciding between two compact styles the majority of buyers makes more sense to buy the car that uses gas, especially for a driver on a budget. The benefits of being eco friendly don’t seem to outweigh the benefits of being wallet friendly in a majority of buyers. In addition to pricing, electric vehicles lack the amount of options found in more traditional styles of cars, making them less appealing. Because electric automobiles are less popular, there’s a lack familiarity with them among prospective buyers and if you’re going to make a big investment many are going to go with what they’re most familiar with. Another reason is that there just seems to be less resources available for electric car owners. There is apprehension when buying early models of any item because we wonder if all the "bugs and kinks" are worked out. Others have mentioned the cost of battery replacement. A while back we wrote an article on buying a used car in Maryland which may be helpful to those looking for a used car. We enjoy conversation on all types of automotive news and are open minded on everyone's choices and welcome any feedback.

But, no matter what type of vehicle you’re in the market to buy, we can be your car care resource. After over 24 years of working with automobiles we have seen a wide variety of styles and brands, making us confident that whatever vehicle you’re driving we can get you back on the road. No matter what type of automobile you own, our group of highly trained ASE Certified technicians aka Mechanics is ready to repair any problems our customers in the Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland, and Columbia MD area may be having.

Mechanics and Toys for Tots in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD

Car Repair News and Toys for Tots

As a local automotive business we are proud to say "Thank You" for everyone who participated in the toys for tots again this year. Dec 6th is the final day for drop off of new unwrapped toy at our auto repair shop at 11011 Scaggsville Rd, Laurel, MD 20723. It's great to see the giving during such a "giving season." Our ASE Certified Master technicians aka "Mechanics" live in and around our areas of Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD and we get to see first hand the people stopping by and dropping off gifts. Working with the Marines to help collect toys for tots is a long standing tradition and just one of the projects that keeps us connected to local community. It's heart warming to see longtime customers bring in their vehicle this time of year and remember to bring a toy for the box. It's also reassuring in the kindness of the local community to see new customers learn about the toys for tots and return to the shop with a new unwrapped toy.

Car Repair & Holiday Travel in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD

Car Repair News and Advice for Holiday Travel

It's just about time to say "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" and for many of us that means travelling in the car. Many will follow up with shopping and preparations for Christmas and other holiday events and parties. We get questions from friends and family about car repairs before travelling and specifically the longer holiday trips. You can gain a lot of peace of mind with that oil change that you might have put off before the holiday rush gets here. A tune up is also another great step to keeping the little things being found early and saving your money, time and keep you from emergency roadside breakdowns which can often be avoided. With our car repair services in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia only a few miles away we offer a courtesy inspection to find those small issues at no additional cost. That courtesy inspection is not to be confused with the Maryland State Inspection, aka MSI, aka car inspection required by MVA when selling / transferring a vehicle.

Car tires are another important item that can wear down and not inspected regularly enough, only get replaced after sliding on a cold wet road. You might not need new tires but you can certainly help yourself by checking your tire pressure. Tire pressure can be low this time of year with older "cracked" or "dry rot" tires and the colder weather. Having the pressure at the level can help to keep control, help proper wear and gas mileage for your trip.

As a locally owned and operated car repair shop in Maryland we suggest Plan and Map the Route to keep your Holiday travels smooth. Many are familiar with the route and with all the electronic devices, mapping apps and traffic predicting models it can be easy to think, "I don't need to prepare." However many areas of the US struggle with cell service, GPS and even those specific apps connectivity. Match that with loosing battery, a cracked or lost phone and you might be looking for that old "folding" map in the glove box. Making a plan before you go can help to see alternatives and even predict traffic patterns from the safety and relaxing environment of your desktop days before you head out on Holiday travel. You might even be able to find traffic patterns to help you decide on the right time to leave. Even your "Mechanics in Laurel" plan out their travel plans.

What Goes in the trunk? Travelling around the Holidays can mean valuables in the car and leaving that car unattended. That can make for a target that a thief may want to grab a few of your things. Planing what goes in the trunk, under the seat or under a cover can help to keep prying eyes from seeing those valuables. Planning the packing can also keep dangerous items from becoming a projectile in a crash.

As your family owned and operated auto repair shop we know first hand the travel plans of the holidays and hope you found these helpful and time saving. If we can be of any help with your pre-travel maintenance, tuneup, tires, oil change, alignment or dashboard warning/emergency light give us a call or schedule your appointment online. We bring convenient auto repairs to Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD with many complimentary services.
(301) 317-7886

Car Repair & Flood Damaged Cars in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD - Buying a Car with Flood Damage

Car Repair News in Maryland 20723 Flood Damage

With hurricanes and heavy rains in the last few months and the hurricane season not over yet you might be fooled into buying a flood damaged vehicle. You might think that those cars which have been "totaled" by an insurance company can't be resold, but unfortunately their are gaps in the regulations and that allows for unscrupulous people to sell a flood damaged car at your expense.

This happens when insurance companies do the right thing and change the title to "Salvage" or possible "Flood" depending on the state but people work around the "right thing". If bought at an auction which is marked for parts, salvaged or even put through the shredder at the recycling center, however they can put some repairs into the vehicle and get it retitled without the "flood or salvage" in the title.

You might even consider buying one which "might be flood damaged because it is such a great deal. However the odds are extremely stacked against a flood damaged car being worth any realistic value because of the high amount of electronics and sensors. If a car is moved from a flood damaged area immediately and minor repairs and Major cleaning are done it may run for a few months without an issue. When corrosion occurs over time the electronics fail and the vehicle is only worth parts or scrap value. Think about a piece of metal left in the rain. It will last for a short time however rust sets in relatively quickly.

Like all car repair in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD we want to be honest and forthright so you can have the answers needed to make an informed decision on all your automotive needs and news.

Here's a few more Tips about identifying Flood Damaged Cars, Trucks, Vehicles in Maryland:

  1. Odors Odors and more Odors. You might notice a musty, mildew or mold smell. Or you might notice a STRONG smell of deodorizer, detergent or air freshener to cover the smell.
  2. The history of the car or truck shows it has just lately come from a state which has been in the hurricane or flooded areas. But retitled for your state.
  3. There are many national websites which MAY help like carfax, National Insurance VIN Check, Vehicle History GOV
  4. Air Filter have a Water stain? It is rare for an air filter to have water stain during normal use.
  5. Lights should not have significant moisture inside of them. While a crack will allow a small amount of moisture in, a major flood will often cause this in several lights. A "water line" is another sign in the lights area.
  6. Water lines and Silt under the hood. Open the hood and check the firewall, engine, radiator... Silt will often collect in the tiny nooks and crannies that are under the hood. It may be simple to wash the large surfaces but many pockets allow for silt to stick around even after a good washing.
  7. Carefully feel in areas that are tough to reach like inside the trunk, hood, under seats
  8. Seats been removed lately? When trying to dry carpeting it is common to remove the seats. Are there unusual marks as if someone has struggled to remove the nuts which hold the seats?
  9. Electronics, Electronics, Electronics! Does the radio and speakers sound "normal"? Seat warmers work? All lights (especially interior - which may be hard to see in the daylight)
  10. Lastly, Give us a call, schedule an appointment if you have any doubts. You might notice one of these items but have doubts with the seller's explanation. We have the experience in auto repairs since the 1970's and have seen many things which can help with buying a used car. Being a locally owned and operated car repair shop with family's of our own we know the importance of honesty and trust in your mechanic aka "ASE Certified Master Technician".

As will all our automotive news articles we hope this information is helpful to you BEFORE you need it. Remember this not only during hurricane season but well into the spring and Summer of the following year. We are glad to help with all your car repair in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD and all your automotive news.

Car Repair & Tires in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD - Does your car come with a Spare?

Car Repair News in Maryland 20723

Car repair news in Maryland and across the country includes informing you about your tires. Specifically being prepared with a spare tire. Studies have found 28% of new cars do not have a spare. That may not be the end of the world but it certainly is important to be informed so that you are prepared in case of a roadside breakdown. Imagine driving along on a long road trip and your TPMS (Tire pressure monitoring system) light comes on as a dashboard warning light. You realize that you probably have a flat and think "I'm pretty far from anyplace I think I'll have to change the tire." That is frustrating enough, imagining you'll be late to your destination, dirty hands, scraped knuckles. Now go a step further and imagine the level of frustration you reach when you can't find your spare? You may check the car's manual. You might even google your car make and look for the spare's location. Only then finding out that your car Does NOT come with a spare tire!" That's what inspired us to write this article to help keep you informed. Like all car repair in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD we want to be honest and forthright so you can have the answers needed to make an informed decision on all your automotive needs and news.

Here's a few more Tips about Car Tires:

  1. Keeping tires rotated can save money as they last longer and that extra tread will extend the life of your tires
  2. Tire Pressure is rather simple to do however many vehicles are out of the proper pressure range, this also can cost with premature wear, a safety concern with poor performance in evasive maneuvers.
  3. Having tires balanced with computerized, laser precision can improve performance and extend mileage.
  4. Getting the right tire for your vehicle. The wrong size can cause expensive damage and can effect the computerized sensors in today's tech savvy cars like ABS, TPMS, speedometer and possible damage to the transmission as shifting may be effected.
  5. Lastly Tire wear indicators have changed with new materials and design. While we used to depend on the "penny and Lincoln's head

We hope this inspires you to check into your existing car's spare and become familiar with it, if it has one! You may also consider independent research, at least asking the car seller before you make your new car purchase in the future. We are glad to help with all your car repair in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD and all your automotive news.

Deer and Cars in Laurel, Burtonsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville, Highland and Columbia MD

Car Repair News in Maryland 20723

So I have included a few Tips on how to avoid hitting or being hit by deer. Sadly within our home, "fleet of Drivers" we have been involved with no less than 6 collisions.

So a Few Tips on Deer. Since there are estimated to be more then 250,000 in Maryland as of September 1 2017, most of us are Likely to see a lot of them

  1. Never wildly Brake or swerve wildly for deer, (because you have cars approaching,& following you so sudden movements can cause an accident). If deer are seen ahead, gradual braking is best & remember while you see 1 deer, they usually travel in groups.
  2. Be on the lookout especially at night deer feed between Sunset & Sunrise.
  3. Slowdown in areas Known for deer crossings, forests & the watershed area common for deer as a good source of food can be found.
  4. Beep the Horn when you see deer to Scare them away.
  5. Lastly if you hit a deer, if at all possible move off the road, out of traffic, if the deer is still alive DO NOT Approach the injured deer, call Police & turn hazard lights on.

If you are looking for ways to see deer more easily and do something about those dim headlights and streaky wipers, check our car repair coupons page for a great deal on Headlight Restoration and a new set of Wipers along with a 51 point pre-season inspection.

Free NFL Fleece offer in Laurel, Burtonsville 20866, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton 20759, Clarksville 21029, Highland 20777 and Columbia MD

Car Repair News in Maryland 20723

If you love football and especially love your local NFL team then you'll be happy to know that you can get a FREE NFL Fleece with a castrol oil change here at our auto repair shop in North West Laurel. The offer is good through 1/31/18. You are probably ready for an oil change or will be within that time period. We can help with ASE Certified Technicians but at an affordable price. You'll also get our courtesy inspection. The Free NFL Fleece needs a Redemption Certificate You can get more info here at our shop or online.
Choosing your NFL team logo and Getting the oil change is simple at our auto repair shop in North West Laurel and for the neighborhoods like Maple Lawn Farms, Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville and Columbia as they are conveniently close. So cheer for your favorite Football team under the warmth and good looks of the free NFL fleece this football season while extending the life of your engine. An oil change is one of the highest values of all car repairs in Laurel and all of Maryland. You are ready for an oil change it's time to get in because the Offer expires 1/31/18. And it's only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Phone: (301) 317-7886 Hours M-F 7:30am-5:00pm

Car Batteries Laurel, Burtonsville 20866, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton 20759, Clarksville 21029, Highland 20777 and Columbia MD

Mechanics News in Maryland 20723

Are Car Batteries about to change for the better? Everyone would be a little happier with longer lasting and more eco-friendly batteries for their devices from the cell phone to the hybrid and electric car batteries. The University of Texas at Dallas battery research into a new material of sodium-ion may have better storage and lower costs than typical lithium-ion. Lower costs will help to grow the hybrid car market which has well surpassed the 1 million mark. When it comes to automotive advances and the ability for batteries of many types to become cheaper, better for the environment and possibly last longer. Researchers are still working to pass the issues of 1/5th lower energy density. It will be interesting to watch as an auto repair shop in North West Laurel and in the neighborhoods like Maple Lawn Farms, Burtonsville, Highland, Clarksville and Columbia as they are seeing more hybrid vehicles. With lower costs possible and sodium replacing the expensive and rare lithium there is a lot of promise. Getting your next car battery may involve something as simple as common sodium and with the majority of the world covered in sea water, resources are there for the simple harvesting. When needs for standard car batteries charging, service or replacement we are happy to oblige. Being ASE Certified Master technicians aka "Mechanics in Laurel" with top of the line computerized diagnostic equipment we can help to find the root cause to your electrical issues. Give us a call for all your auto repair services.

Auto Repairs and Services Mufflers & Exhaust systems- Laurel Environment

Mechanics in Maryland 20723

Vehicle repairs in North Laurel, MD often include muffler and exhaust repairs. Exhaust systems are necessary to carry those fumes away from the passengers and filter out harmful gases from your engine such as nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide by means of a catalytic converter. On top of this is a muffler that simply reduces the amount of noise generated by the exhaust. So if your vehicle is emitting loud noises, giving off bad odors, or getting lower gas mileage your exhaust system probably needs checked for possible repairs. Our ASE certified master technicians (or "mechanics in Laurel") can make a computerized analysis to find the problems with your vehicle and provide the necessary repairs. A properly functioning exhaust means your car won't damage it self or the environment. Give us a call or make an appointment on-line for all your auto repairs in Laurel 20723. We're a Honest, Trusted Mechanic, give us a call for all your auto repairs in Laurel 20723 and surrounding areas like Burtonsville 20866, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton 20759, Clarksville 21029 or Highland 20777 and Columbia MD, with a track record starting back in 1979.

Trust? Honesty? Value? A Puzzle - Auto Repairs and Services

Mechanics in Maryland 20723

Has finding a good auto repair shop seemed like a Puzzle? Choosing a mechanic "Or ASE Certified Master Technician" in North West Laurel 20723 Maryland should involve Trust, Honesty and Values. It can be hard to trust a shop when you don't have much experience and you don't know a lot about the automotive repair shop. We've been in the automotive field since 1979 and built a huge reputation over those decades. Being Family Owned and Operated we know the importance of Building Trust for the long term. That trust turns into a relationship and that makes for a good partnership between us and our customers. We pride ourselves on clear communication and Honest information to help you plan on keeping your vehicle as long as you want. Knowing that you can trust advice and invest in keeping your family in a properly running vehicle often reduces stress and keeps you off of the side of the road in an emergency situation. Check our Google Reviews and then Check our Facebook Reviews. And then ask around. Knowing that your car or truck has had a 33 point inspection which is more than a simple selling point, but is a hard look into what you can expect for the near future with state of the art computerized diagnostic equipment to look for issues before they breakdown and create costly repairs. If you are looking for a Honest, Trusted Mechanic with a track record starting back in 1979 give us a call for all your auto repairs in Laurel 20723 and surrounding areas like Burtonsville 20866, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton 20759, Clarksville 21029 or Highland 20777 and Columbia MD.

Toys for Tots - Auto Repairs and Services

Mechanics in Maryland 20723

Thoroughbred Auto Care is very happy to announce that we will be participating in the Toys for Tots in Maryland for 2016. Starting October 30th, 2016 we will be accepting new, unwrapped toys at our auto repair shop in West Laurel MD 20723. Our Address as a donation center for Toys for Tots is:
11011 Scaggsville Rd
Laurel, MD 20723

Please contact us if you have any questions or need further directions. Thank you, from the Family owned and Operated Mechanics at Thoroughbred Auto Care. Toys for Tots from your trusted Mechanics in West Laurel 20723 area

Nominate a Deserving Family for Up To $500 in Auto Repairs and Services

mechanics in Maryland 20723

Thank You all who participated in this promotion to help deserving families with auto repairs in Laurel MD. Soon we will be sharing with you the results and the community services. It was a joint effort between us ”the Laurel Auto Care Group“, Laurel NAPA on main street, and NAPA Corporate. During the months of July, August and September we will be accepting nomination forms at our auto repair shop. We look forward to more community service in the future with our auto repair in West Laurel MD 20723
11011 Scaggsville Rd
Laurel, MD 20723

See and learn even more or community service auto repairs in West Laurel 20723 area

Labor Day West Laurel - 2016

Labor Day in Maryland 20723

With the Labor Day weekend in full swing, we take this time as an auto repair shop in West Laurel to say "Thank You" to all the workers of the Country, both past and present who have labored so tirelessly. The first Monday in September became the formal Federal holiday in 1894, to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of unions and workers of all types. Auto repair is a unique field of work in that you often form a relationship with people in the community. There is a level of trust and honesty that grows over time as repairs are made and vehicles run longer and more dependably. In 1979 the family of Thoroughbred auto care started with work on local cars and a lot of high end transmission repairs and modifications in those early days. Fast forward more than 37 years and we have worked with numerous hard working "labor" families (including ourselves) to make ends meet and provide quality auto repairs in the West Laurel, Burtonsville, Highlands, Maple Lawn Farms and beyond. We hope that everyone has a great weekend and enjoys today - Labor Day 2016 with loved ones.

Happy Labor Day weekend 2016!
Thoroughbred Auto Care 20723

Memorial Day North Laurel - 2016

Memorial Day in Maryland 20723

As the Memorial day weekend approaches, many in North Laurel are preparing for vacations, cookouts and time with family and friends. We hope that if you travel your vehicle is running great and you have a safe trip. Simple automotive things like checking the oil, tires and that your wipers are working well are well worth taking the time before traveling.
Memorial Day in the US originated around the Civil War as a way to remember all the sacrifices. Then in the 19th century is was expanded to remember all the military who had given their lives for the country. In 1971 Memorial day became an official federal holiday across the United States. Many of the friends and family here at Thoroughbred have ties to the armed services and their families. We hope that the weather cooperates and everyone gets to enjoy the time with good food, good conversation and have good memories this Memorial Day weekend 2016.

Thank You - Toys for Tots in Scaggsville 20723 - 2015

Scaggsville Toys for Tots in MD 20723

We want to say "Thank You" to all who came by our car repair shop to drop off a toys for the "Toys for Tots" program. It was great to see the local people from communities and towns of Scaggsville, Laurel, Fulton, Columbia, Maple Lawn Farms and beyond as they shared the holiday spirit of giving with new toys for local children. We had another great year for collection and giving for the local kids.
We hope that all the people who gave and the children who will receive the toys know how much we enjoyed being a donation location center. Hoping everyone has a great Holiday season and travels safely as we share the roads around our family owned car repair shop in 20723 Maryland.

Toys for Tots in Scaggsville 20723 - 2015

Toys for Tots in MD 20723

We're in the last week for Toys for Tots donations. The marines come to pick up the New, Unused Toys on Dec 15th 2015. So, we hope that as you are "out and about" enjoying the Holidays that you stop by and drop of your contribution. Tuesday, Dec 15th is the day for pick up so be sure to be here by Dec 14th.
We are located at 11011 Scaggsville Rd. Laurel, MD 20723. We're here and the big red box will be out front 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. We serve as a convenient donation center to our local towns of Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton, Clarksville and Columbia MD. Thanks for all the loyal customers and giving folks in our community, See more of your Toys for Tots collections of the past. Enjoy the Holidays!

Thanksgiving in MD 20723 - 2015

Thanksgiving in MD 20723

Being thankful goes hand in hand with a local auto repair business. We are extremely thankful for all the loyal customers who support a family owned and operated business. We're thankful for the great staff of Maryland mechanics / technicians, service writers and all who are supportive of the shop working so well. We will be closed on Thursday Nov 26th to celebrate with our families and loved ones. We will be OPEN on Friday November 27th for all of you who are out and about on Black Friday. We will be here to provide any emergency services as always. Our Toys for Tots drop off box will be open and ready for you drop off a toy if you are in the area with all the shopping going on in Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Clarksville, and Columbia Maryland.

Again, Thank You for all the good relationships and loyal friends. Enjoy your Thanksgiving in Maryland.

Veterans Day in Laurel MD 20723 - 2015

Veterans Day Discount

Veterans Day in Laurel MD 20723
We take a moment to say "Thank You" to all the Veterans past and present. As an auto repair shop in Laurel Maryland we see a lot of Veterans and enjoy being of service in their automotive needs. Seasoned Vets often have great stories and we are respectful of the hard work that service in the military requires.

In order to show our appreciation we regularly have an auto repair coupon special directly for our military customers. It includes 10% off of labor, up to $50. Be sure to print your coupon and present it at time of estimate. See more details on our car repair coupons page.

Veterans Day actually started at the end of World War I and was named Armistice Day, marking the truce between Germany and the Allied nations. It was set for the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, of the eleventh Month, thus 11am Nov. 11th, 1918. Armistice Day was changed to "Veterans Day" by Eisenhower and the Congress in June of 1954 and became the day to honor American military service of ALL wars.
Being in Laurel and such a short distance from so many current and retired military service men and women we are glad to share time with you and want to offer our sincere THANKS.

Car Repairs in Laurel MD - Toys For Tots 2015

Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723 - Toys For Tots
It's getting to the time of year once again for Holidays and an important part of that is Toys For Tots. We will be accepting new unwrapped toys for Tots November 1 through December 15. We are proud to be a drop off location for the program. We are convenient to the local areas of Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Clarksville, and Columbia Maryland. You can find the Toys for Tots Drop Off box at our shop : 11011 Scaggsville Rd. Laurel, MD 20723. Our hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Your donation should be a new, unwrapped toy. Like any of them in the image above.

Feel free to stop by and see us or give us a call if you have any question about Toys For Tots. Directions to the Drop off box and a map can be found on our location page. We've had a number of great years for Donations since the 1990's and we hope that you will make this year great as well.

(301) 317-7886

Car Repairs in Laurel MD - Mother's Day 2015

Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723 - Mother's Day 2015
Car repairs and Mother's Day may not seem like they go together, but they do. We provide car repairs for zip codes 21046, 20861, 20723, 20759, 20777, 21029 and well beyond and we see a lot great moms. Mothers provide for the family, schedule around children's needs and often make serious car repair decisions. They have to balance the family budget and they do a good job at it.

Good Moms and Mechanics share many of the same traits; honesty, good communication and care. While we would never claim to be as good as your mother we certainly strive hard to be your trusted partner for the life of your cars. We are a family oriented, locally owned and operated car repair shop who value all that mothers do for their families and the greater community. Looking for a locally owned and operated mechanics in Laurel or areas like these Clarksville, Scaggsville, Fulton, Maple Lawn Farms, MD? Give us a call.

(301) 317-7886

Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723 - Earth Day 2015

Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723 - Earth Day 2015
Local Mechanics in Laurel Maryland live in the area and care about their community. Car repair and Earth Day can work very well together. We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor and that means being environmentally conscious. In every step possible we are careful to provide vehicle repairs that help the environment with highly precise tune ups providing higher fuel efficiency and longer lasting cars and trucks.

Recycling car parts at our local recycling center and automotive fluids appropriately are just some of the steps we've taken since the opening of our Laurel car care center. With experience we improve our processes so that there are less leaks and when their are we capture them and recycle those fluids in an environmentally correct manner. If you are looking for a locally owned and operated mechanic in Laurel or areas like these Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms or Clarksville, MD give us a call.

(301) 317-7886

Car Repair Mechanic in Laurel MD 20723 - Easter 2015

Car Repair 20723 MD - Easter 2015
Auto repair isn't the first thing on our minds with Spring here in Laurel MD. We see more people on the roads traveling to spend time with friends and family. Winter has been longer and colder this year and that has kept people in and safe at home. Warmer temperatures and the colors of Spring allows us all to spend more time out getting errands done which have piled up from the longer winter.
Hoping everyone is enjoying the Easter Holiday with friends and family. Be safe while traveling as it is a popular time for many of us to visit with family in Laurel, Maryland and beyond. We hope to see everyone again this Spring and are glad to be making new friends already in 2015. We are only a short distance and offer towing and shuttle service to areas like these Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms and Clarksville, MD.

(301) 317-7886

Car Repair Shop in Laurel MD 20723 - New Years 2015

Car Repair in Laurel MD 20723 New Year 2015
Happy New Year from your Local car repair shop in Laurel MD 20723. Thanks for the great year 2014 and all the new people, old friends and things we've learned from you. With new training on the latest equipment upgrades we have been able to bring better repair services to areas like Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms and Clarksville, MD on a regular basis. Whether it was an older vehicle that we were working to keep running great into its older years or a brand new model with regular maintenance we enjoyed meeting lifelong customers and it was nice making new friends as they moved into the area.

We look forward to the New Year, 2015 and again seeing lifelong friends, their cars and making new friends while helping with their vehicles. Vehicles are getting more complex so we plan as always to continue our technical training to stay way ahead of the curve with the latest computerized equipment to serve and repair your car, truck, van or SUV with great repairs. If you find yourself needing an inspection for a car that you purchase in 2015 give us a call or check out our Maryland car inspection page to learn more about the process.

Our mechanic shop hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Stop in to see us! Thoroughbred Auto Care, 20723 Laurel

Car Repair Shop in Laurel MD 20723 & Community

Car Repair in Laurel MD 20723
A car repair shop in Laurel MD 20723 over time becomes more than just a local business. It becomes part of the community. When a shop first starts with local mechanics and owners there is a anxious start, mixed with pride in building something from scratch. But as years come and go then, turn into decades a business becomes part of the community and wants to say "Thank you" and genuinely give back.

Long term friendships are built and when someone suggests that it would be a good community place for a Toys for Tots collection location we couldn't have agreed more. This year has become a great result for the Toys for Tots program and might become the best year yet. It really goes to show the caring people and the activities of our local areas like Laurel, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton and Clarksville have stopped in and donated so many toys. So we say a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all who have given to the local children this Holiday season. If you would like to stop in and answer any questions we would be more than happy to meet new friends in the 20723 zip code and well beyond in our friendly, community car repair shop. Our shop hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Toys for Tots in Laurel MD 20723

Toys for Tots in Laurel MD 20723
As an Auto repair shop in Laurel MD 20723 since the early 1990s we see ourselves as a long standing member of the community. Part of being a good member of an community is finding ways to be involved and give back when possible. That is the reason that we have been a partner of Toys for Tots and the Marines for years.

We are happy to provide a place where you can drop off your new, unwrapped toy for a child in the community this holiday season. Our toy box is here at our Laurel auto repair shop. If you have any questions about; gift types, sizes or dropping off after hours you can call us at (301) 317-7886. The Marines come to pick up the toys on Wednesday 12/17 so don't delay.

Our shop hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. If you would like to stop by and see us and drop off your gift. We look forward to the Holiday season and all the community events that go along with it. We hope that yours is filled by spending time with loved ones in rich conversation and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Car Repair 20723 - Time Change Laurel MD

Car Clock Repair 20723 MD
Don't forget your car's clock when it comes to the time change for Daylight savings time in Laurel MD 20723. Some new models have clocks that update automatically however many models still rely on us to change the vehicle's clock settings. If you have any questions check your manufacturers owner's manual.

While you are turning your clocks back for the Fall you should consider testing your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. The batteries in these do lose their proper levels and need replacing. You vehicle's battery is no different so it's also a great time to check the date which is on the battery top in most cases. Getting your battery in good condition before the freezing temperatures of Winter is a great way to be prepared. If we can be of service of any automotive needs like car inspections, brake repair, oil change or regularly scheduled 30,000 regular maintenance don't hesitate to call us right here in Laurel, Maryland. We are only a short distance and offer towing and shuttle service to areas like these zip codes 21046, 20861, 20723, 20759, 20777, 21029.

Auto Repair near Zip 20723 - The Fall of 2014

Auto Repair in Zip 20723 MD
Auto repair in 20723 zip code area of Maryland means FALL is coming. With the end of Summer means Fall colors are coming along so don't neglect your vehicle's care. Going back to school, travel vacations in nice temperatures and more wildlife on the roads all point toward having your vehicle in good shape before the heavy rains and snowy conditions come along. Take advantage of the nice weather and get that regular maintenance brought up to date before the winter weather has you stuck in the house or worse yet stuck on the side of the road.

Your car's regular maintenance in areas like Fulton MD and surrounding zip codes like 20723 and 20759 is something that we provide to our regular customers as well as people new to the area. Maple Lawn Farms is a new community in the area and we are happy to have found some new friends and customers in providing them services like "MD state auto inspections", Brake repair, tire sales and service along with general auto repair to our new Maple Lawn Farm neighbors. The Fall also means that more wildlife is on the roads and deer are especially noticeable. While nice to see at a distance they can create dangerous events. So be cautious to drive more attentively as well as consider getting your headlights checked and it needed we are happy to provide "headlamp restoration" to SAVE you money instead of a more costly replacement of the entire headlamp.

If you have any automotive repair needs in the Fulton MD, Scaggsville MD, Laurel MD and/or surround area codes like 21046, 20861, 20723, 20759, 20777, 21029 please give us a call and we will be happy to provide you Personal, Quality Auto repair from a Locally Owned and Operated auto repair shop.

Auto Care - Enjoy Labor Day Weekend

Enjoy Labor Day Weekend Laurel MD
The Thoroughbred Auto Care Family hopes that you and your loved ones enjoy the Labor Day weekend 2014.
With estimates that this Labor Day weekend will be a record for travel we hope that everyone is safe and that they get to meet with those important in their lives. America is unique in many ways and it's work ethic and celebrations are a testimony of that uniqueness. Labor Day was first recognized in 1885 by local municipalities and just 9 years later most all states had joined in the celebration as well as the Federal Holiday for the first Monday in September. Many events, changes and additions have occurred to extend the celebrations from Monday into the entire weekend. Be safe with all the vehicles on the road!

To People Everywhere Enjoy Your Labor Day Weekend from the Thoroughbred Auto Care Family in Laurel Maryland

Happy 100th Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day Laurel MD
Where would we be without our Mothers? Taking the time to say thanks to all the moms who cared about us on this Mother's Day weekend May 11th 2014. This year (2014) marks the number 100th celebration for the second Sunday in May. So for all the times that you kept us safe and knew what was best for us - Thanks MOM!.

To Mother's Everywhere Enjoy Your Day from the Thoroughbred Auto Care Family

Headlamp / Headlight Restoration in Laurel Maryland

Being able to see better in low light and night conditionsheadlamp restoration in Laurel MD is an important part of safe driving as it allows us to identify road hazards as well as street signs and lights. Headlamp restoration is a good way to gain as much as 75% back from our light sources. Looking at your car's headlights and seeing hazy, cloudy or aged material is a simple way to indicate that restoration might be the right answer for you. With the cost of replacing headlamps extremely high in comparison many people are choosing restoration to save money and increase their safety levels. These headlamps get damaged mostly due to UV rays from sunlight so preventing the conditioning in the first place can be achieved through parking in shaded areas or completely enclosed areas like your garage. The shape, angle and material composition can greatly effect the severity of the damage and therefore we see this occur more frequently in certain models. So before you head off to get a replacement and spend a lot of money, stop on in and let us check your headlamps and see if your vehicle is a good candidate for Restoration.

Thanks from the locally Owned & Operated Thoroughbred Auto Care Family

Free Flat Tire Repair in Laurel Maryland

Tire repair is something that we all need now Tire Repair in Laurel MDand then. Here at Thoroughbred giving back to the community and being a good neighbor is something that has always been at the center of our business philosophy. A big part of that is treating people as we would like to be treated and in that direction we are offering free flat fixing and tire repair. We tried this in February and with great success we are going to bring it into everyday offer until further notice. So if you have a flat tire and would like it fixed for FREE bring it on in. This offer applies to most cars and light trucks with a limit of up to $50. Please call for detail and tell your friends there is no need to pay for your next flat tire repair!

Earth Day 2014

Earth Day celebrates the recycling and Eco-friendly processes that Recycling Auto Partshave been put into place and here at Thoroughbred we have been recycling auto parts and automotive fluids responsibly well before we knew the term "Earth Day."  It's part of what we do to be a good friend to the community and a good neighbor.


So know that you have a partner here in Laurel Maryland who follows and exceeds the rules and regulations when it comes to being a responsible steward of the environment when it comes to recycling things like Motor oil, Transmission fluid, Anti-freeze and coolants and those car parts like starters and tires don't go to the landfill but instead off the recycle center.

Manhole Covers and Vehicles do NOT mix!

This Vehicle came in with condenser and radiator "problems" The combination of Plowing and Potholes can leave some really large road debris so Be Careful and if you have a problem know that we are here to give you a hand and get you back on the road with 24,000 miles or 24 month Nationwide Warranty.
A/C repair in Laurel MD

An Experienced auto repair shop will SAVE you Money.

A customer came in with transfer case problems to their AWD / 4WD. They had recently gotten discount “bargain” tires from a “bargain” place instead of an experienced auto repair shop. The problem is that the salesman sold them tires which were the wrong size - 1 ½ inches different in circumference which is what caused the Blown transfer case. Tire savings $10 a tire… Transfer cases replacement / repair range from $1,300 - $2,200.
Knowing the difference : PRICELESSauto repair Laurel MD

Cold Weather Auto Tips

With freezing Cold temps vehicles can run into unique issues. Here are a few tips for helping your vehicle survive.

  1. Consider letting your vehicle warm at idle for 5 minutes when starting up. Revving the engine at start up is not suggested as it forces the coldest materials to be exposed to the greatest change in temperature and pressure.
  2. Spraying PAM on a towel and then wiping down the vehicle's weatherstrips around the doors can help to keep them from freezing shut.
  3. Check tire pressures to avoid flats. With extreme cold temps causing the tire and the air inside, to contract often air leaks through and create a low tire. Checking this twice a week is a good idea to keep the tire from reaching a critical low level and causing a dangerous condition.
  4. Like tip #3 with newer vehicles the low tire pressure dashboard light may come on indicating a tire needs attention. If after inspecting the tires on the vehicle the light stays on, remember to check the spare as well as several of the newer vehicles also have a sensor which will cause the light to come on.

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