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Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723

Car Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723

Free Local Shuttle Service (301) 317-7886

Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723 providing car and truck repairs. ASE certified master technicians like Stephen Powell, George Pontious, Joe Twain, and Jon Campbell. As a locally owned and operated auto repair shop we are not only your trusted, honest mechanic. We are your neighbors.

ASE Certified Master Technicians in Laurel MD 20723

Mechanic Service Writer Jon Campbell

Car Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723

Jon is the face you see, the voice you hear when you call or we call you. He is our service advisor, our front office manager, Ticket dispatcher, his automotive skill list & experience goes on & on. Jon wears many hats. Jon came to us in September of 2004 with a lot of Dealership experience Land Rover, Saab, Honda & VW he grew up in Laurel and currently has the ASE service Consultant patch he brings a wealth of Knowledge in the European brands. Jon enjoys helping customers, supplying information to aid in the decision of what is needed now, down the road and even planning on when you perhaps have to decide on another car. Jon's personal time is occupied with his wife Keri, his music, pets & of course: the Green Bay Packers.

Mechanic Ron Posinski

Car Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723

Ron came to us in July of 2013, like all of our Mechanic staff in Laurel 20723, Ron had extensive dealer time, having been with GM for many years, then a few years with Toyota.
Ron expertise as a mechanic is quickly seen when he is working on Honda, Toyota, Nissan & GM right here in Laurel 20723. Ron is a Maryland State Inspector as well. Ron is an Avid off road motorcyclist, Fisherman & enjoys relaxing on the beach with Family.

Mechanic William “Gage” Morris

Car Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723

Gage is our most recent ASE certified addition to our Mechanic staff. He comes to us from the Koons Family of dealerships, with a mix of brands Gm, Ford & extensive used vehicle experience. He has shown his youthful, open to any challenge attitiude from day one. He has 4 ASE Certifications as well as being a Maryland State Inspector. He has a Passion for small vehicles with turbo chargers and is in the process of boosting the power in his SS Chevrolet Cobalt. He is huge fan of Ice hockey and attends many games.

Mechanic Dave Murrian

Car Mechanic in Fulton 20759 Scaggsville

We welcome the latest member to our car repair staff for Scaggsville / Fulton 20759. Dave is a great addition to our team, bringing experience and passion to the group. You may think of Dave as an ASE Certified technician but you can also call him one of the best, hard working "mechanics" for Fulton and Scaggville, MD.

Mechanic Campbell

Car Mechanic in Laurel MD

Campbell has been with Thoroughbred Transmissions since September 2004. Jon became a ASE Certified Service Consultant in 2005. He was a former Land Rover and Saab technician for seven years, his experience is a valuable contribution. Jon enjoys music and is a car fanatic.

Mechanic Stephen Powell

Car Mechanic in Laurel MD

Stephen and Donna Powell are the owners of Thoroughbred Car Care. Stephen is Master ASE Certified in 5 categories: Master Automotive, Master Truck, Master School Bus, Master Machinist and Master Certified Service Consultant. Stephen is also a State Inspector and enjoys working on his 68 Chevelle and 61 Corvette. Donna is the bookkeeper for Thoroughbred Transmissions. On a nice day she enjoys diving her 96 Trans Am. In their spare time they enjoy spending time with family, friends, and their dogs, Brook and Buddy.

Car Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723

The Laurel Mechanics for You

Car Mechanics in Laurel MD 20723
Open M-F 7:30 am to 5:00 pm ---- Free shuttle for local customers ---- All mechanics are ASE certified ---- MD State Inspection Station ---- Custom and performance services available ---- Night Key Drop Box for after hours vehicle drop offs ---- Secure vehicle storage ----
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