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Auto Repair Mechanic Maple Lawn Farms MD 20759

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Maple Lawn Farms MD 20759 Auto Repair

Auto repairs in Maple Lawn Farms MD can come with the personal care that you expect from trusted businesses. We've made this "see inside view" of our shop below. You can click and drag with your mouse (or finger on a touchscreen device) to look all around this room of the shop! Yes that's our founding father hard at work most everyday in the car repair shop. Give us a ring for all your auto repair needs in Maple Lawn Farms MD, zip code 20759. (301) 317-7886

Maple Lawn Farms MD 20759 Auto Repair

Maple Lawn Farms MD automotive repairs are only 2+ miles away. Short drive down Maple Lawn Blvd then Route 216 and you'll be on our doorstep. As Maple Lawn Farms mechanics with ASE certified technicians we look to build lifelong relationships. Come by and meet us, see our family atmosphere and see if we are the right fit for your car repair needs.

Auto Courtesy Check - Maple Lawn Farms 20759

Maple Lawn Farms: What is a Courtesy Check?
I am sometimes asked, "Why do you do this Courtesy check, are you hoping to find more needs?"

I am sometimes asked this question. I have several examples of why we do it. First and foremost is to be watching for out for you, our clients. If we are doing something as simple as an oil service(change oil, filter, rotate tires). We have the tires in our hands, we look and measure them and let you know remaining life. We can see your brakes, we can easily can see the amount of lining,(3/32 or less = time to replace them is now). We can see your suspension and exhaust. All of these items are there and we can let you now their condition. We test every battery. Check its age, 5 years is time to consider replacement. All of these items take but a few minutes to exam as we are doing the routine work.

Would you like to know if your tires are wearing thin on the inside edge? How about your battery? While still cranking okay, our clients do not want to be surprised by a "no start" They often replace before it fails.

If we have a vehicle come in for engine, or transmission replacement, prior to doing a 4, 5, or even $10,000 replacement, we always do a full courtesy inspection. We let you know that the other needs may exceed the value of what the vehicle may be worth.

Lastly when we recommend changing fluids, it is to save you major expense down the road. I am reminded of a client that turned down having brake fluid changed at 30,000 miles, and again at 60,000 he ended up around 70,000 needing an ABS unit, the dealer declined the warranty because he never changed the fluid! We have your best interest at heart. While we are a business. Most clients become friends because they learn we are here to help.

Stephen Powell trusted auto repair in Maple Lawn, Fulton MD 20759.

20777 Car Repair Maple Lawn, Fulton MD

Car Repair Services in Maple Lawn Farms 20759

We service cars and trucks of all major makes and models with almost any repair you can think of in Maple Lawn Farms area.
Car repairs include but are not limited to Brakes, belts, hoses, rear differential, check engine light, clutch, serpentine belt, diesel, emissions, car pre-purchase, MD state inspection, electronics, AC, tires, balance, rotation, air filters, catalytic converters, mufflers, exhaust, engine and transmission repairs in the 20759 zip code of MD. We also help with trailers and trailer hitch installations. If it's automotive related the chances are high that our experience dating back to the 1970's will cover your repair needs. Perhaps the most helpful to our customers is the high quality of our repairs. This comes from mechanics with decades of experience, ASE Certified Master Techs and an industry leading 36 months / 36,000 Miles warranty. Give us a call or stop by to lean more about our trusted car repair Mechanics in Maple Lawn, Fulton MD 20759. We not only service Maple Lawn but we have many "lifelong" customers which come to us for Fulton Auto Repairs.

20759 Car Repair Maple Lawn, Fulton MD

Brake Repair Maple Lawn 20759

Brake repair for Maple Lawn can help to keep you safer on the road. With the beautiful areas around Maple Lawn it is nice to take a drive. However, with the many deer and other wildife in the area your vehicle's brakes are important. We know about brakes and living in Maple Lawn first hand, because we are locals. Commonly referred to as a "Brake job" in many cases, there are complex things that need taken care of when it comes to brake services. Brakes are complex and have many parts. While some car repair shops may have the lowest price that most always comes with the lowest quality and the lowest service. Often, you actually pay more in the long run for "Cheap Brakes." When time is taken and quality parts used you usually Save Money on Brakes. When the brake system is not inspected thoroughly many costly mistakes can be made. When brake calipers are not inspected premature wear can happen with your brakes. This causes you to have to replace brakes more frequently. With proper inspection brake pins which are "sticky" or not working at all, can be found and repaired easily. Brake fluid and lines are also important to be inspected. We take pride in great quality in all our car repairs for Maple Lawn Farms and all our customers. Give us a call or schedule online for trusted Brake repair, Maple Lawn / Fulton 20759.

20759 Car Repair Maple Lawn, Fulton MD

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