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Most of us know that our car battery won't last forever, that means you'll be looking for a car battery near me in towns like Laurel, Fulton, Highland, Maple Lawn Farms & Burtonsville. We are convenient to all these local towns. We're proud to offer shuttle services to these and an industry leading warranty of 36 months / 36,000 miles on most repairs. You can use that warranty across the country at over 16,000 locations. We're also proud to have been serving the area since the 1970s as a locally owned and operated auto repair shop. We know the importance of a great repuation and building trust. Car battery testing and replacement needs to be accurate and affordable. Sure you are looking for a "Car Battery Near Me" because you need convenience and to save time. You also want that car battery replacement to be done with the skill to keep the radio working, the clock correct and the electrical system working as expected without blown fuses. As cars become more complex and computerized we see more people coming in after trying to save a dollar by having an auto battery replaced by a bargin parts store employee. We offer ASE Certified Master Technicians with decades of experience. We're ready for all your car battery Testing and replacement in our local towns of Laurel, Fulton, Highland, Maple Lawn Farms & Burtonsville.

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Our car and truck mechanic shop hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. We are convenient to several local areas like Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms or Clarksville, MD at 11011 Scaggsville Rd Laurel, MD 20723. Stop in to see us for your trusted auto repair needs. Thoroughbred Auto Care, 20723 Laurel
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Battery Testing

Car Battery Laurel MD

Car and truck batteries are often thought of the issue when "My car Won't Start" or "My car is making a strange noise when I try to start it." While it may very well be your battery it could also be another flaw in the electrical system. We have the latest in high-tech, computerized diagnosis equipment to find the root cause of the starting problem. There is no reason to be stranded on the side of the road when trying to save a couple of dollars with inferior diagnosis. We've raised a family here in the areas of Laurel, Fulton, Highland, Maple Lawn Farms & Burtonsville Maryland so we know the importance of treating every customer like their family depends on the vehicle to get things done, drive safely and have peace of mind when it comes to Trusting your Local Shop. Battery testing is right up our alley and we're ready to bring our skills and equipment to serve all your automotive needs.

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Services for your car battery have changed greatly since the 1970s and we've seen them all. Batteries use to need service like adding water to keep it running properly. Today, most batteries are completely sealed and do not need water nor acid added. Lead car batteries have increased in quality with consistent purity and manufacturing processes. This allows batteries to be more dependable an accurate in their expiration date. That automotive battery date can be effected by excessive strain on the electrical system when a drain on the system occurs. We used to think of this when lights were left on and the battery is dead. With advances in technology, sensors and computers most newer models will turn off the lights when left on. However older models can still have this drain as well as other situation where a drain on the electrical system can run the battery dead. We have the experience, skill, ASE Master Certifications and equipment to provide all the needed battery services.

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