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Car repair Fulton Brakes

Pandemic paused in Fulton MD, 20759? Time to go back to work & new Normal? Stephen, From Thoroughbred Auto Care, 2 miles away from Fulton in Scaggsville. So as many of you may know we work on a lot of old Muscle Cars. We are often asked “What do I need to do when my vehicle sits over the winter?”

Well I have a short list for them and it also applies to those of you that stayed home for the last 4-8 weeks.

So even if you are not car savvy I can help you thru this. First do a walk around, starting with tires, do they look low? If you have a tire gauge, let’s check pressures. The correct pressure can be found on the Placard, (this is a printed label 0, located on driver’s door opening. If your vehicle is older and does not have this then 35 PSI works for almost all vehicles. If they are a little low you can drive to our shop we have air hose outside for you, or we can help you, including all your car repairs in Fulton, 20759.

Next let’s open the hood, check the fluids, oil is very important. If you’re not able to do that , I recommend a look under vehicle for any spots for puddles of fluids. If none, then it’s onto: Put the key in & start it. Listen for an unusual sounds. If nothing is different then check one more time around the vehicle. Look for bicycles, balls, a bat etc. Now let’s go for a drive! So I always recommend a slow drive. Perhaps through your neighborhood. Listen for noises, try the brakes for common noises. To the higher speeds road, still cautious and listen. Does the steering feel normal? If you’re not sure? Come by 11011 Scaggsville road or give us a call 301-317-7886. Stephen, Jon & both our Technicians are here to assist you as we all start to get back to work, while social distancing. We are clean, in masks & gloves for all your car repair in Fulton, 20759. Stephen

Fulton 20759 Auto Repair - Alternator

Car alternator replacement in Fulton can vary with each make and model. Some car makes like Toyota can expect alternators to last for years and often more than 100,000 miles. Don't be surprised if your car's alternator lasts for the life of the car. This alternator is being replaced at roughly 200,000 miles. You may see an indicator like a dashboard light for the battery. However this can be a secondary indicator. The real root of the problem is often the alternator. Fulton car repairs by ASE Certified Master techs can help to make the repair right the first time. Decades of experience and the latest in computerized diagnostic equipment will also help to ensure an accurate repair. We offer most car repairs with an Industry leading Warranty of 36 months / 36,000 miles. Give us a call or schedule online your car repair appointment for your Fulton vehicle.

Fulton 20759 Auto Repairs

Fulton Car AlternatorWe provide car repairs for Fulton for many types of makes and models of vehicles. Both foreign and domestic vehicles from Fulton trust us with their car repairs. Your standard family car and the high end performance exotic cars come into our shop. Muscle, Hot rods, classics and historic vehicles come to our mechanics to solve the most complex car repairs and the common every day repair services like Fulton car brake repair. Our ASE Certified Master techs are experts at staying ahead of the automotive technology curve. We are the Fulton car repair dealership alternative. Many people are surprise to learn that our Technicians are more experience and trained than the surrounding car repair shops of Fulton, 20759. Another common surprise for people looking for car repairs in Fulton, 20759 is our Industry leading Warranty of 36 months / 36,000 miles. Perhaps the strongest bond that builds our reputation for quality and Trust is our family values in a locally owned and operated car repair shop. You can come in and speak with the owner, Stephen most every day.

AC Repair & Recharge in Fulton

Fulton Car Air Conditioning We are heating up and that means people looking for car air conditioning repair and recharge in Fulton, 20759. Our ASE Certified Master Mechanics are helping A/C repairs with quality testing, looking for leaks and repairing and recharging freon for Fulton, MD cars and trucks. You can learn more about our Car Air Conditioning Repair and Recharge in Fulton and surrounding areas like Maple Lawn Maryland. We've been in the area for decades and know the conditions that your car's AC system has been through and what is likely expected in the future. Being locals to Fulton, Maple Lawn and Scaggsville we can help with personal attention and value as a car dealership alternative.

AC Refrigerant R-1234yf and R-134a in Fulton, 20759

What is commonly called "Freon" or "Air Conditioning Coolant" is more accurately known as Refrigerant. There is more than one type of Refrigerant and our ASE Certified Master Techs aka "Mechanics in Fulton" can solve all your car Air conditioning problems. You may have heard that your vehicle requires the A/C Refrigerant R-1234yf aka Tetrafluoropropene and you may also have heard of the older AC Refrigerant R-134a aka Tetrafluoroethane. Not to worry in either case we have the ability to solve your car's air conditioning needs. Give us a call for all yuor car AC needs in Fulton, 20759 and Maple Lawn MD.

Auto Repairs in Fulton

Fulton Car Repair Oil ChangeQuality oil changes will effect Car & Truck repairs in Fulton, Maryland. Auto repairs are greatly effected by the frequency of regular maintenance. Oil changes on a regular basis by ASE certified mechanics / technicians will mean a better running, longer lasting engine. When we see our customers car, trucks, diesels and hybrids running longer and at a lower overall auto repair cost than most - we know that they have had quality oil changes. There are more benefits to oil changes that go well beyond lasting longer. The fuel economy is directly related to a well tuned vehicle and during a routine oil change is a great time to find those small affordable repairs before they turn into large, costly repairs. To save your money and bring you confidence bring your car, truck, diesel, SUV or RV in for all your auto repairs in Laurel MD 20723.

Fulton MD Car Repair - Oil Changes

Car repairs and oil changes need to be tailored to your vehicle's specific needs. Standard oil changes are a good choice for many cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, diesels, RVs and Motors homes. But as a vehicle ages you need an experienced Fulton MD mechanic's advice to extend your mileage. Every vehicle and driver is unique. Driving habits and use of the vehicle can influence when to change to high mileage oil changes to greatly extend the life of your engine and reduce your overall car repair in our core areas of 20759, 21029 20861, 21046, 20777 MD. Synthetic oil changes are a good idea for some vehicles and situations but it is really important to have the facts about synthetics and the rules to follow when you do change and moving forward. That's where our ASE certified Laurel mechanics are ready to serve you with the decades of experience that we bring to your needs. If you are looking for a trusted, locally owned and operated mechanic for all your auto repairs Fulton MD 20759.

Car Repair Fulton Tires

Fulton Car Tire Repair Our auto repair shop for Fulton MD 20759 experiences several tire needs and services. We all know that tires wear and our roads around the towns of Fulton can get slick and have debris. This means that our mechanics / technicians keep up on their ASE certifications to bring you superior quality and automotive service. Since 1979 we've been building experience and a reputation as a locally owned and operated repair shop near Fulton.

Fulton Car Repair, Tire Repair & Services

If our tires are good quality and are serviced by a quality shop then we rarely think about them. They provide the traction and control that we need to operate our car or truck all across our roads in Fulton, 20759 Maryland. Gas and Diesel auto repairs and car tire services like alignment, balancing, rotation, mounting, sales and repair needs quality. Tires services seem simple however it is quite detailed and precise for them to perform optimally. The proper size, pressure and mount is important and we have the computerized data and equipment to get it right and save you money. Give us a call if you are looking for a Trusted, Honest, Reputable auto repair Fulton 20759. Phone: (301) 317-7886

Car Repair by ASE Certified Mechanics Fulton, 20759

So ring Jon, or our Owner: Stephen for questions & to set up an appointment for Fulton 20759 drivers. We'll have the Shuttle ready to take you home or your job at APL in Fulton.

Car Repair Mechanic Fulton, 20759
Oil Change Fulton

Fulton Car Alignment

Car alignments, front end alignment and 4 wheel alignments in Fulton, 20759 often means money saved. When tires wear prematurely they have to be replaced more frequently. Wasting money on tires is not a good thing for anyone. We appreciate the local Fulton / Maple Lawn and global environment and having tires worn inefficiently means more waste. Having a good alignment can also mean a more enjoyable drive. Daily commuting with the steering wheel "tugging" at your wrist and arms can add to the stress of your commute. Saving money with tires that wear as evenly as possible is a good feeling for your bank account. Having greater stopping power with an alignment is important to all of our safety. With the deer and other animals in Fulton having the best control when braking is important. Car Alignment options can vary with the vehicle. Some allow for 4 wheel alignments. We can bring our decades of experience in automotive repairs for Fulton. You can learn more about our Fulton Car Alignment.

Alignment Fulton, 20759

Fulton Car Battery Testing and Replace

Fulton car repair and service often includes a car's battery testing and replacement. car batteries are often, but not always the reason that a car won't start. Fulton vehicles are becoming more complex every year and our ongoing study, testing and ASE certifications keep us well ahead of the learning curve. We also stand behind our car repairs with the industry leading 36 months / 36k Miles Warranty. That warranty is great than most repair shops and dealerships in the Fulton and surrounding areas. We can make this warranty because we are one of the highest values in car repairs with top quality materials, equipment, parts and training. This is another reason why we have earned the NAPA Gold Standard for 2021 and into the future. If you are wondering, "Why won't my car start?" We are the phone call to make. It may be as simple as Fulton Car Battery sale, testing, replacement. Or it may be more complex with your car's electrical system. We will find the root cause of the failure to start, battery, alternator, starter, fuse, computerized sensor, wiring or other electrical system issue. You don't have to take our word for our excellence in car repair for Fulton drivers, check our 5/5 star reviews and testimonials.

Car Battery Sale Test Replace Fulton, 20759

Fulton Car Brakes Repair, Disc Drum Rotors Fluid

Brake Repair Mechanic Fulton, 20759

Car repairs in Fulton, MD 20759 often include brakes over the life of the vehicle. brakes are engineered to work with the use of friction and in most cases that means removal of a tiny bit of material. That material can come from the brake rotors, pads or shoes. With our decades of brake jobs and training with ASE Certified Master technicians we are a great deal alternative. Many find that our brake warranty far outlasts the other mechanics in Maryland, including car dealerships. Brake repairs in Fulton can help to keep you running smoother, with less noise like squeaking or squealing. Brakes that perform well also means a little added safety. When brakes are in good working condition they function very well. Better stopping distance and more control. We go the extra mile with brake services like checking that everything works well in the braking system. Other components like, lines, fluid, calipers, master cylinder and pins just to name a few. We look to be the trusted Fulton brake mechanic and dealership alternative.

Exhaust, Mufflers Fulton

Fulton Historic, Classic, Hot Rods, Muscle Car

Historic, Classic, Hot Rods, Muscle Car Mechanic Fulton, 20759

Our mechanics (or more specifically ASE Certified Master Technicians) with decades of experience dating back to the 1970s enjoy working on a wide variety of cars. Some of the newer models are impressive. However, we really enjoy working with owners of classic, historic, hot rods and muscle cars in Fulton. We get a mix of people who live in Fulton and people who travel into Fulton for work at places like APL or JHUAPL or Applied Physics Lab. Those classics and historic cars bring back great memories of the past. Driving with your sweetheart and enjoying the low gas prices. lol. The time have changed in many ways but our passion for working on classic, historic and other cars in those types of categories hasn't changed. Give us a call if you have an older vehicle and are looking for a trusted mechanic serving the Fulton, MD 20759 area. We will be glad to be open and honest with our experience and how we can help with your vehicle.

Fulton's Classic, Historic, Hot Rods, Muscle Repairs

Dashboard Warn & Emergency Lights diagnosis near Fulton

Fulton Diesel Repair

Diesel Car Mechanic Fulton, 20759 and Light Truck

Diesel repair mechanics Fulton can bring services with ASE Certified Masters level of repair. With our decades of experience our diesel mechanics solve the complicated and the common issues involved with diesel vehicles. Both cars and trucks with diesel engines, from many manufacturers and their numerous model have specific needs. Older diesel vehicles are still a joy to work on. Newer diesel models have a popularity with VW over the past few decades. Like all car repairs, diesel cars and truck have many issues in common, while some are quite unique. Water in fuel systems components can be common. Great strides have been taken in the engineering, manufacturing and service of Diesels. Allow our diesel mechanics with ASE certifications and warranty beyond most dealerships to service your vehicle. Find more info on our Diesel Repair Fulton, 20759.

Emission Fulton

Honda Repair Fulton

Honda Car Mechanic Fulton, 20759

Honda auto repairs, Fulton 20759 can come with award winning services. Our car repairs on Honda vehicles are second to none. As a great Honda dealership alternative we offer the industry leading 36 months / 36,000 mile warranty. That warranty coverage reaches nationwide. Honda vehicles include but are not limited to; Accord, Civic, Clarity, CR-V, CR-Z, Crosstour, Element, Fit, HR-V, HR-V, Insight, Odyssey, Passport, Pilot, Prelude, Ridgeline, S2000. Common Honda vehicles in the shop "everyday" include the Accord and Civic. Accord repairs are common even as good as the Honda vehicles are built. Honda Civic repairs also come in regularly. All Hondas need general maintenance. Oil Changes, brakes, tires and reg scheduled factory maintenance plans in Fulton all keep your Honda on the road and running great for more miles and a lower overall cost. We are happy to help with all your Honda auto repairs, Fulton, 20759.

Toyota Repair Fulton

Toyota RAV4 Repair Fulton

Fulton Engine Services

Fulton Oil Change

Oil Change Mechanic Fulton, 20759

Oil change services in Fulton can make a difference in how long your engine runs. Many from Fulton trust our car repair shop. Whether you are looking for a standard, synthetic or high mileage oil change, we can help. Some have chosen our auto repair shop because of the personal service, others because of the ASE Certified Master techs and others because of the Industry Leading Warranty of 36 Months / 36,000 Miles. We pride ourselves on continuous learning of the latest in automotive technology. That includes your oil change. As materials, oil filters and oil itself changes so does the mileages and services. Give us a call with any questions you may have about oil changes and what should work best for your car. You can learn more about our Fulton Oil Change services and alternative to the dealership.

Serpentine Belt Fulton Mechanic

Fulton Car Inspection - MD State Inspection

Car Inspection Fulton, 20759

Maryland state inspection, Fulton, MD 20759 can come from ASE Certified Master Techs at a Great Price. Why would anyone want to get an inspection from a place which is less qualified and lower value? We offer personal service from a family owned and operated car repair shop. Decades of experience, starting back in the 1970s we started turning wrenches. Since then car inspections have changed and we have stayed ahead with continuous training. Automotive training and certifications bring you car repairs with higher trust and value. Get to know us, we are happy to have an incredibly low turnover rate for our shop. We are the dealership alternative, and the shop where odds are you will have the same ASE Certified Master technician working for you, on your car for the life of the vehicle. Car inspection for Fulton cars can be a smooth process with the benefit of experience, technology and family values. Learn more about our Car Inspection Fulton, MD 20759.

Car Inspection in Fulton MD, 20759

Tires Fulton Firestone Sales & Services

Hitch Install Repair Fulton

Trailers repair and inspections are quite common service requests. Our ASE Certified master technicians bring decades of experience to each repair. Hitch install, repair, replacement and service in Fulton 20759 is helpful to many carrying a load. Whether it's a work trailer, a horse or other livestock or a vacation rv, camper or other trailer we can provide the solution. Learn more about our Hitch Install Repair Fulton

Trailer Hitch Install Fulton, 20759
Transmission Fulton

Historic / Classic transmission near Fulton

Fulton Oil Change, Lube and Filter

Car Oil Change Filter and Lube in Fulton, 20759
Perhaps years gone by people may have used the term "tune up" however with more computerized car components car repair services have changed as well. Fulton car repairs still need the basics to keep you up and running longer with less issues and higher value for your dollar. We offer an oil change, filter change and lube at a tremendous price savings. We are ready to help with complex and simple auto repairs. If you are looking for a traditional "tune up" or Oil Change, Filter and Lube we can help with decades of experience and 5/5 star reviews. Our Fulton mechanics know the strength of good service and lower overall costs on repairs for the life of your vehicle. Give us a call and learn about our car repairs in Fulton, 20759.

Thanks for the Fulton Reviews

Car repair Fulton

We are thankful when Fulton people take the time to pen a review. Taking the time to go online and write a review for Thoroughbred means the world to us and our Fulton Mechanics" aka ASE Certified Master Technicians. Take your pick of Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List or subscribe and leave a comment on one of our Youtube Videos we offer a "Thank You" and are encouraged by continuing our relationship and strengthening the trust we share with every car repair near Fulton.

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What was the primary reason you gave Thoroughbred Auto Care this score? Great communication and fair pricing.

Mechanic Comment: We appreciate you working in the Fulton / Scaggsville area and trusting us with your car repairs.

R.R. From Maple Lawn Farms, Fulton 20759

Reason for the Auto Repair you scored our technicians this 10/10 review for your APL Applied Physics Lab in Fulton

Service Advisor Jon went out of his way to fit me in to the schedule, was scared to drive car, bad noise

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