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Auto Repair Mechanic Clarksville MD, 21029

Car Repair Clarksville MD 21029

Clarksville MD 21029 Auto Repair

Car repairs in Clarksville MD can come with the trusted care that you expect from locally owned and operated businesses. Enjoy this "Look inside view" of our shop below. You can click and drag with your mouse (or finger on a touchscreen device) to look all around this room of the shop! Yes that's our founding father hard at work most everyday in the car repair shop. Call us for all your auto repair needs in Clarksville MD, zip code 21029. (301) 317-7886

Clarksville MD 21029 Auto Repair

Clarksville MD automotive repairs are only 7 miles away. A short drive down 108, 216, Crest and Scaggsville Rd. and you'll be at our Shop. As Clarksville mechanics with ASE certified technicians we look to build long term relationships. Come by and meet us, see our family atmosphere and see if we are the right fit for your Clarksville automotive repair needs.

Car Repair Reviews and Repairs Clarksville MD 21029

Over the years we estimate over 2,100 repairs for Clarksville vehicles. Below is a map to represent some of those repairs and reviews for our services. Locations and repairs are approximate.

Auto Repairs - Clarksville 21029

Trusted auto repair in Clarksville, MD 21029.

Car Repair Services for the Fall in Clarksville

So I have been asked for the Fall season, "What can we tell our readers about getting ready for the change in Fall Driving conditions? First is tires. As the temperatures start to drop so do the pressures in your tires. Newer cars,(2007 & later), are required by law to have pressure warning systems. These systems come on when ever there is greater than “3 PSI difference“ between your set of tires. On many, this includes the spare car tire. As a result many allow the light to be on & ignore it. That's a bad decision. Once the light is on it does not get brighter, flash, or sound a warning for other tires which have also lost pressure!

In an effort to help our clients and all motorist in the area we have an air line on 24/7 outside & accessible at Thoroughbred. So staying with tires - tread depth. All tire manufactures consider all benefits of shedding water, traction, puncture and noise to be done at 3/32 of tire wear. The State of Maryland is changing what fails an inspection, or can be ticketed for unsafe tire tread to 4/32. We can inspect that, as can any good mechanic in a few minutes at no cost. Learn more about our automotive tire mounting, rotation, balancing, sales and services

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Car repair in Clarksville

Here are just a few of the many car repair reviews written from the Clarksville 21029 zip code. We greatly appreciate when people take the time to write a review. Making the effort to go online and write reviews for Thoroughbred Auto Care means a lot to us and our staff of "family values Mechanics" aka ASE Certified Master Technicians. Whether Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie's List or a Comment on one of our Youtube Videos we say "Thank You" and look forward to continuing our relationship and strengthening the trust we share with every Clarksville car repair.

What was the primary reason you gave Thoroughbred Auto Care this score?

Quality workmanship, fair prices, standing behind their work.

R. R. Clarksville, MD

What was the primary reason you gave Thoroughbred Auto Care this score?

Friendly professional service, done on time and on estimate.

G. K. Clarksville, MD

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Our car repair customers can fill out a more in-depth survey about their experience with our mechanics / ASE Certified Master Techs for Clarksville, MD 21029. 21029 Car Repair Clarksville MD

21029 Car Repair Clarksville MD

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