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Auto Micro Chip Car Repair Fulton 20759

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Stephen, you fix my vehicles, not my Computers! Well, all vehicles after about 1980 have had some form of computers. Today's vehicles can have 30, 40, 50+ computers & micro processors in them. Global shortages of "Microchips” has lead to an impact on nearly everything we buy. According to CNBC, the severity of the Global Chip shortage has gone up each week and millions here in the USA. Car makers are not the only ones affected. Manufactures of; Clothes Dryers, Freezers even electric toothbrushes & coffee makers are being stopped due to the lack of chips.

Auto Micro Chips Fulton 20759

Drive by any new car dealers and lots are noticeably thin, or empty of new cars & trucks. Surveillance images from Kentucky Speedway’s infield show thousands of Brand-new 2021 F-150 parked waiting on chips.

Car Repair Mechanic Micro Chips Fulton

Micro Chips for Car Repair Fulton, Maple Lawn Farms

The fancy ADAS, Navigation Systems, & Digital Dashboards normally found on High-end vehicles, are not being installed. Many are sold with old style features.

Most dealers are demanding $5,000 premiums & full list price on vehicles.

We are advising our clients to maintain their current vehicles and wait on a new purchase.

Jon & Stephen can help your current vehicle. Giving you great service for as long as you want. Call 301-317-7886 or stop by Thoroughbred Auto Care at 11011 Scaggsville Road Laurel MD 20723

Fulton car repair Micro Chips Shortage in zip code 20759
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