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Historic, Classic, Muscle, Hot Rod Auto Repair Mechanic MD

Classic, Historic Auto Repair Mechanic in Maryland

Coming Soon is the car repair for this mid 1960's Vette right here in Maryland. As some of the ASE certified Mechanics here at Thoroughbred have a soft spot for corvettes (because we've own them too!). We'll keep you up to date on this and other classic / historic vehicles, cause we know you love them too. Give us a call with all your Historic, Classic, Muscle, Hot Rod needs in Maryland. Historic Car Mechanic MD

When Work really Is Not work! or Having fun fixing Cars

So let me go back to where it all started for me, when I was about 8 years old my Father use to tell me stories about holding up a lantern so his father could fix an old model T that he used to deliver mail in. These cars are about as simple & basic of vehicles that anyone is likely to ever see, let alone work on, or drive. So when the call came that a new client was looking to get his 1920 Model T out of storage & get it running, we could not say, "YES" fast enough.
Thoroughbred Transmissions & Auto Care Inc. has a long history of working on what ever you have that needs attention, old Harley Davidson Motor cycles, Tractors, Snow Blowers, Boats and yes, what ever year of vehicle you have. Classic Car Mechanic MD

Model T Mechanic Maryland

When the Model T showed up it had a bad Battery, had almost flat tires, bad Gasoline in the gas tank and a Carburetor that was leaking gas profusely. It had not been running for over 10 years, so we started with flushing of the gas tank, new Battery, changing the oil and we attempted to clean the gas out of the Carburetor. The latter proved to be the biggest problem, at almost a 100 years of age the gasoline had done permanent damage and we ordered a replacement carburetor,( NEW !) yes there are places still making new parts for this vehicle. Once installed the vehicle purrs like a kitten. Model T Mechanic MD

Watch the Model T Video

If you have never driven something this Old and Basic, let me tell you it will make you thankful for all the creature comforts modern vehicles have, while it the same time reminding you how simple life was about a 100 years ago! Car Repair MD

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Classic Car Mechanic MD
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