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Maple Lawn & Fulton Mechanic Adivce for a New Driver

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Tips for a New Driver in Maple Lawn / Fulton MD

New or Used Car Maple Lawn & Fulton

Do you have a new driver in the family? If you are like most parents, the idea of your teen driving solo makes you nervous and anxious. You are in great company. The idea of your child hitting the road solo is petrifying. So how do you decide on a car for your new driver? New or Used?

If you decide on a used car, Thoroughbred Auto can really help. Here are few suggestions for you to consider as you go about finding a great value and safe option for your new driver. Speaking of safety.

Before you consider anything else, make Safety the number one thing to think about. Its likely you main concern for your teen driver. Can your teen be happy and safe with a used car? Yes. And you will feel less stress knowing they will be safe behind the wheel. Make sure you select a car that meets all the minimum requirements of safety, such as functioning airbags, size and weight of the car, and power locks.

An important factor to consider is your Budget. A certified used car does not need to break the bank. Once you decide on your budget, you can narrow down the options that you and your teenager are most comfortable with. The money you spend on a safer vehicle is worth it.

Visibility! This may not be top on your list, but some vehicles have better sight lines than others. Depending on your child, certain cars may have better visibility than others. A test drive with your teen can provide a clear understand about any blind spots.

Is bigger always better? Size is something to consider when buying a car for your new driver. A bigger car offer more protection in the case of an accident compared to compact cars.

Distractions. Chose a car that limits distractions. Distractions are a major cause for accidents, especially with younger drivers. Picking a car that has Bluetooth capabilities and hands-free features is a good idea.

Reliability Another top consideration is Reliability, especially with a used car. Before you buy a used car make sure you have had a trustworthy service and repair technician do a pre-purchase inspection. At Thoroughbred Auto we would be happy to provide any Maple Lawn family with a “no cost” pre-purchase inspection.

These may not be the top consideration for your teen drive. Style and Comfort might be your new driver’s top 2 considerations. Knowing what your teen wants in a car and also knowing what will be the safest option for them can help you make a smarter decision with respect to what car will be the best and safest drive for your teen and for you. Learn more about our car repair for Maple Lawn with trusted mechanics

Thanks for Reading , Stephen

Car Repair Mechanic Maple Lawn, Fulton MD

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