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ASE Certified Master Technician or "Mechanic"?

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What does ASE Certified Mean?

ASE Certificates on the Wall

I hear you Loud & Clear. I often have conversations with clients, new, existing & the subject may come up. "What do all those things on the wall mean to me?"

ASE Automotive Service Excellence

The Certifications that we have passed, myself, my Technicians, even Jon the Service advisor here at Thoroughbred Auto Care in Northwest Laurel MD 20723. We all have passed these in different categories for his or her area of expertise. So what does it mean for the Client? In Maryland there currently is no required license, bar exam or anything to prove repair shop "mechanics" are able to service your vehicle correctly. In 1972 ASE - National Institute for AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE EXCELLENCE was created to give standardized tests in 8 specific fields of automotive repair. The same test across the entire nation & later other countries. These tests, when passed would earn the person the title of MASTER TECHNICIAN. This gave credibility to technicians in states, like Maryland, that have no requirements.

Now back to your question, "So what?" Well from a hiring standpoint we will only hire certified technicians. Why? Well to take these tests & be able to pass them requires a commitment to studying, taking classes and a lot of reading to stay up to date on vehicles. Oh & every 5 years they expire & must be taken again. This is not easy. I just took all 8 tests again over two days, I did pass, thank you, but I had to study again to be sure I knew the subjects. This is why it is important to re-test, because vehicles change every year. We must learn new things to be able to do correct Diagnostics, repair and even simple maintenance work.

So whether your are here in Scaggsville, Fulton, Laurel, Highland or Clarksville, Burtonsville or further out at another shop, ask to see their Credentials - they should be posted and current.

If you have questions call me, Stephen 301-317-7886 or e-mail: STEPHENTBRED6@AOL.COM

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