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Oil Change Synthetic & Conventional Fulton 20759

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So I recently read a great article and decided to share some points since Jon and I are often asked, "What type of oil change does Thoroughbred recommend for my vehicle?

Oil Change Fulton 20759

I said, "First remember engine oil has many jobs, primary & most important is to provide lubrication to protect against heat & friction of the moving parts inside an internal combustion engine." Properly maintained engines using the correct oils will last longer and run smoother. Engine type: gasoline, diesel, propane, age, climate & driving conditions all contribute to wear & tear. Understanding the different types, specifications, additives, will help you select the best type for your vehicle’s needs.

Oil Change Fulton

Oil Change - Synthetic, Blend, Conventional Oil Changes Fulton, Maple Lawn Farms

So before I go further this is not an endorsement for a specific Brand. In today’s world any of the name brands offer Quality products that will suit your vehicle’s needs. We sell oils from Drydene, a very well known brand here on the east coast, also Valvoline, Penzoil, Sunoco, and Mobil one. Each one is a great product that I and the rest of the shop have used in our own vehicles. That said, lets discus the 3 main differences.

1) Full Synthetic oil: Modern full synthetic engine oils are created in a variety of ways, from a complicated hydroprocessing of select crude stocks which controls the size and shape of the oil molecules to Laboratory-designed complex chemical compounds. The are 3 main things that makes Full Synthetic the best,less impurities, best viscosity thru all temperatures, cleaner engines, and less deposits.

2) Synthetic blend oil: This can save you $$, but know this, no rules on the % of synthetic to regular oil is required. Could be a few drops, or 25%, no manufactures tell anyone.

3) Conventional oil: All start from Crude oil refined to the spec’s of mostly older cars, (almost all new vehicles list synthetic as the required oil). With new engines over $8,000 on most all vehicles,some way higher choosing the right oil is a big deal.

Other concerns: Additives, there are many the most important being ZINC. This is needed in older cars with flat tappet camshafts. It was removed from all oils, Quietly! as it clogs Catalytic Converters, found on almost every Gasoline vehicle after 1975. Without Zinc your older vehicle’s engine will most likely be damaged, leading to "big dollar" repairs.

NOT Sure ? Confused? Call or stop in Jon,Stephen will be glad to help explain. As a side not every vehicle we own except my 61 Vette & 68 Chevelle have Full Synthetic in them.Thanks to NOLN Magazine as the source for most of this article

So if you live in or around the area of 20723, 20861, 21046, 20759, 20777, 21029 MD we look forward to bringing you oil changes and earning your trust. Give us a call at 301 317-7886

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Oil Change

Oil change, lube and filters come in many types. Here are just a few of the common oil change, filter and lube types.

Note: Give us a call or stop by for decades of experience in oil changes, filter and lube services in Fulton

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