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Alignments. Why? How do I know I need one? First in the 20723, 20759, & 20777 zip codes for Laurel, Fulton, Maple Lawn Farms & Highland vehicle owners are finding there is not always an indicator. But, premature wear, pulling when driving down a straight road, tires that develop wear patterns and/or that cause noise. These are but a few things Thoroughbred Auto Care sees that point towards a need for wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment

Did you know that being out of alignment can lower your fuel mileage? How about dramatically shorten the life of your tires? Our Mechanics use the latest from the Hunter Engineering Alignment Company. We do all 4 wheels, where applicable. We start with a thorough road test. Then your vehicle goes in the air & gets all steering & suspension components inspected. Once that is done, if all is good, then it is on to the alignment rack. The equipment attaches & specifications are received & compared to manufactures specs. Adjustments are made and then final road test to confirm the corrections. So swing by Thoroughbred Auto Care at 11011 Scaggsville Road, Laurel MD 20723, see our Service Advisor: Jon Campbell or the Owner: Stephen Powell. They can answer any questions, look at your tires for wear and even take a no cost road test to evaluate potential concerns about alignments.

Front End Alignment

Car & Truck Alignments in Laurel, Fulton, Scaggsville, Maple Lawn Farms and Clarksville, MD

We perform a lot of front end alignments at our auto repair shop in Laurel MD 20723. The potholes are numerous and growing in and around our area. The Laurel Maryland winters create the freezing and thawing which penetrates the road surface and the salt & snow plows do the rest to create car swallowing spots. These impacts of a vehicle's front end, tires and wheels often knock the alignment out of true. Perhaps the best way to avoid these potholes is to slow down and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front of you. However, when you cannot avoid them and the car starts pulling left or right it's probably time for an alignment to save your money on tires, struts, bearings and fuel economy. Perhaps the most annoying part of a bad car alignment is the constant "tug" of the steering wheel as you commute around laurel MD. We have the latest computerized equipment and ASE certified mechanics to bring you the Accurate Alignment service right here in our car repair shop in Laurel MD 20723.

So if you live in or around the area of 20723, 20861, 21046, 20759, 20777, 21029 MD we look forward to bringing you accurate Alignments and earning your trust. Give us a call at 301 317-7886

Alignments Auto Repair in Laurel MD 20723


(either two or four wheel is available, recommended at least once a year or when ever uneven tire wear is found)

Note: Some vehicles may require special kits for camber adjustment, this may require additional cost

Front End Alignment
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